favorite stay in London: Qbic Hotel London City

when you're traveling you're dealing with so much! time change, weather change, currency change. all the luggage before you meet up with your boyfriend ;) the journey to the destination sometimes is a trek! my flight to London from Los Angeles was about 10 hours. 

there are two important things that would make or break a trip: #1) your attitude #2) where you stay

I know people who when they travel really don't mind sharing a hostel or roughing it. I know who I am. If I'm crossing different time zones and taking a 10 hour flight somewhere colder I want to be cozy, safe, and enjoy my time. don't start with the "we wont even be home that much it doesn't matter" line...this isn't vegas and we're not 21 stuffing 8 people in a room anymore.

every moment on vacation should be special. you should be happy. excited. and full and cozy!

there's something so wonderful about coming back home to a cozy place after an exhausting day of travel + exploring. it's worth factoring in. 

sometimes during a multiple city trip I'll try to book cheaper places with less amenities in the beginning and go out with a bang towards the end.  

I'm about to change the game for you!!!! well, I owe it to Qbic Hotel London City.

You know the feeling you get when you first move to a brand new city and you're trying to figure out your shortcut / route to work. favorite coffee shop. favorite restaurant. things that will make it feel like home.

you feel at home here!! No matter where you're traveling from and how much of the area you don't know...Qbic feels like home!!

everything in their hotel is designed so well! it's a mix of modern + art + fun!

p.s my carry on luggage is from @away + my checked bag A28 is from @raden. read more about @raden here

after a long day you just wanna get cozy and kick your feet up (and have your boyfriend take a bunch of photos of you lol)!! 

when the bed is really spacious but you rather just be on his side ;)

really great messages all around your room with quotes and history!

one of the many things I admire about Qbic London is they're super GREEN!! for example, if you skip house cleaning for the day you can have a free beer on them! 

all the products they use in are stop the water while using me  ...yes you don't need to run water to shampoo your hair or wash your body. converse water <3


most memorable hotel breakfast I have ever experienced!! 

I'm telling you! the decor in this place is SO FUN!

#QbicSessions = live music!!! I'm so bummed we only stayed for one night I would of loved to experience live music in their lobby.

can you believe thisssssssss???? I AM DROOLING

meats. lox. more bread

spa water, coffee, tea

fresh fruit, fresh juices AND smoothie!!! I JUST WANT TO LIVE HERE!!!

yogurt, fresh fruit, toppings: goji berries, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, overnight oats with apple, raisins, pecans and more toppings for a yogurt parfit. 

a very happy man and his cheese

thank-you Qbic Hotel London City for the most comfortable stay!!! If you guys are ever in London I highly recommend staying here. The prices are fantastic you can honestly treat yourself here and not have to settle while you're in London! They're green, have the best customer service, the wifi is fast, the bed is so comfy, the breakfast is the best yet and it's such a fun experience.

It's located in White Chapel and really close to brick lane!

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