summer break with @shoptobi

who doesn't love a good bodysuit? I livvvvveee in them. throw some jeans on ... a skirt... jean shorts... bell bottoms... it'll go with everything + anything. 

you'll never have to worry about tucking in your shirt or making sure it's looking proper because thats the beauty of wearing a great bodysuit.

it hugs your body in all the great places and you look 100 all day ;) TRUST ME.

here are two I've been rotating all summer long from @shoptobi. (p.s THEY HAVE SO MANY!! *in love)

Out Of The Past Off Shoulder Bodysuit

A little fancier than your average bodysuit but v necessary. I love that it's a lace up + off the shoulder. I dressed it down by adding sneakers to the outfit. You can easily spice it up by throwing on a leather skirt and black heels and have it be datenight/dinner ready.  


Jen Halter Ribbed Bodysuit

A more classic bodysuit with an open back (+ something that isn't BLACK for once)! The tricky thing about this one is that you can't really wear a bra. So on the days where you want to be free I'd go with this little number.


What are your thoughts on bodysuits? Do you love them? Hate them? Let me know.


all photos: SAM PICK // make sure you go follow him!