hudson jeans x lazygirlglam x sdrpick

hudson jeans just dropped some new items and I can't wait to share them with you!! they're bringing back low risers with a twist on all of our current favorite: high wasted jeans.

The high waisted button jeans are beautiful, functional and just add personalty to your outfit. If you have a weak blatter or don't have the paitence to unbutton each one when you're going to the restroom I'd suggest waiting for Friday to rock these beauties.

wearing hudson jeans // shot by @sdrpick

hudson also released some beautiful bomber jackets with the best structure. champagne gold dust?! UM YES. since the colors were light I switch over to a white denim to keep the palette bright and perfect for spring.

it's a nice change from my black on black!

destroyed black jeans + a simple white shirt is always a good everyday uniform. 

I got to preview these overalls that are coming out soon & I can't wait to wear them all summer!!!

if hudson isn't on your radar this season just know they're dropping some fresh cuts / colors / and denim every one will where so you better shop their instagram page to see what's coming up next ;)