new color, new cut with my one and only @hairbygiovanna // #balayage QUEEN

if I told you how long it's been in between color you might barf and question what kind of blogger I am!!

(!!!!! 9 MONTHSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I was super busy and getting my hair colored became last priority....which I learned is never happening EVER again. 

I'll make coffee at home and won't go to brunch on the weekends if that means I get to have fresh color VS. walking around with dark roots (OMG!!!) for 9 months.


Your hair is visible everyday and something people see after you flash that beautiful smile of yours...making sure your hair / the color / and health of it looks A1 all the time should be a priority! 

After the new year and finally being comfortable with life again (after so many changessss you guys...) it was time I made an appointment with Giovanna (follow her here) and within a couple of hours I was BACK!!!!!!

I seriously adore her. Check out the photossss + hit her up if you babes need that fresh color for Coachella :)

curls by @hairbyorit // color + cut by @hairbygiovanna

curls by @hairbyorit // color + cut by @hairbygiovanna

Get in touch with Giovanna:

She's at @IndustryDTLA
Bookings 310-384-7810
113 E 8th St, Los Angeles, CA 90015