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wow. it’s been so long since I’ve blogged that I forgot my password to my own site. guysssss. where did this year go?

today I want to share my Japan travels with you. it’s been highly requested and I’m so happy I get to share this trip with you. it’s one of the best trips of my life.

Japan is magic. Saying that is an understatement. everyone there is magic. everyone was an artist and getting to see them dazzle in their craft was truly something I can’t explain. you have to make a trip out there and feel it for yourself.

No matter what you’re going through and where you’re at in life, coming back from Japan feels like a rebirth. You just want to create more from a deeper place and be so proud of everything you produce.

I think we lose our dazzle in the states. I like the word- dazzle, lol let me rock. 

I’m going to kick off my 3 part Japan series with OSAKA!!!! 


Osaka has the best food in all of Japan. I’m going to tell you that right now. Don’t you forget it.


Endo Sushi 

(Chūōichiba Endō on yelp)


Osaka, 大阪府 〒553-0005


Fukushima Ward


damn, I got lost trying to find this spot! maps on my iPhone was TRASH in Osaka. the city is old so lots of things weren’t updated like they were in Tokyo or Kyoto. restaurants that were out of business still had living Yelp pages etc etc.

you should try to aim to come here around 11am. or right before they close would be clutch (2pm). if you’re reading this and from the west coast you’ll be jet lagged AF and will be up around 6am everyday(they open at 5am). anyways, they’ll be a wait and you’re not going to complain.

you traveled all the way to Osaka to eat the best toro of your life and it’s here at Endo so you’ll wait. once you try it you’ll understand. 

ITS THE BEST TORO I’VE EVER HAD IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. it melts in your mouth. I cried twice during my meal, LOL! 

each set/order/omakase/plate comes with 5 pieces. you can freestyle based on what you’re in the mood for (a la carte) or order the combos they have. I started my meal with combo A! 


Anago (sea water eel aka unagi) ,Uni (sea urchin), Tai (sea bream), Toro (FATTY TUNA 🔥🔥🔥🔥), and Hamachi (yellow tail).


Unagi was fire. Uni was ok, it wasn’t sweet and tasted like something I could order at Sugarfish. Tai was chill. THE FATTY TUNA CHANGED MY LIFE. I wasn’t really fucking with the toro before this trip. I was an unnagi + salmon/sake (only from sugarfish) girl. I was ride or die for those two.

the first set of tears came at this moment. I didn’t understand how something so simple could make me so happy and fulfilled in a single bite. it melted in my mouth. the hamachi didn’t stand a chance after this. I just ate it so I could order another plate lol.

you get free hot green tea here and the miso soup is on another level. there’s clams in it and it’s super salty and done up… low key feel like you’re sipping a Japanese forest LOL with all the herbs. anyways. I ordered my 2nd plate. this time: 2 salmon/sake because my 1st plate didn’t have it & you know I ride or die for salmon LOL. 2 toro (I SHOULD OF ORDERED 4 MORE… DAMN. sweat + regret), + one akagai (ark shell) — I’ve never heard of this one before and I’m adventurous. 


salmon had to take a back seat. silly me trying to compare the two. it taste just like the one at sugarfish. don’t get me wrong it was still BOMB af and I LOVE the one at sugar fish but the TORO here made flying 12 hours worth it. 

I loved the homemade ginger + sauce with the brush you can just pretend like you’re glazing each piece as you go. UGH. 

each set was around 1100 JPY so about $9.60 for the best 5 pieces of your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! first and last thing I do in Osaka is visit Endo Sushi.

Milk Bar:



日宝畳屋町会館 3F-15

Osaka, 大阪府 〒542-0083


Chuo Ward


Look for signs and enter through this small 3 person elevator. It’s on the 3rd Floor.

The outside of the building you should see this sign: HERE

This is what the front door looks like: HERE

Man this spot was dope as hell. All vinyls. The owner speaks English and he loves the Los Angeles rap game gangsta movies. (side bar - if you complain about how no one in Japan speaks English please stop reading my blog and GTFO!!! you’re in Japan why don’t you speak /understand Japanese) He played us Maxwell (MTV unplugged), Van Morrison, and Tatsuro Yamashita. 


He made me the most delicious yogurt cocktail. It was a Yogurt Liqueur from the  Netherlands mixed with ginger ale & something else. I threw three of those back eassssssyyy. bars in japan are super tiny (this one sat 6) and all have so much characteristics to them. all different themes + vibes. each bar has an entrance fee — kind of like a cover charge. In Osaka it’s about $3. All bars in Japan also have the BEST SNACKS. yes they hook you up while you’re drinking. each bar has their own snack game and I think thats why I was throwing them back lolololol


You guys have to visit Milk Bar! Each drink was about $6-$8 USD! 

fluffy jiggly pancakes on Instagram



you get these in Osaka!

DAMN WE GOT LOST FINDING THIS ALSO! side bar: NYC subway, I handle it. Tokyo subway, I handle it. fresh off the plane in Tokyo — with a bus transfer, 30 min train ride transfer, walk in the rain to our air bnb, I got that in the bag without ever being in Tokyo before. I GOT LOST IN OSAKA TWICE AND WE WERE ONLY THERE FOR 3/4 DAYS.

ugh, ok. so. 

so remember how I was telling you maps aren’t updated. I guess on Yelp we were mapping to a location that was no longer in business (this happened TWICE btw). we were looking for daysssss. this really nice man stopped what he was doing and walked us to the restaurant after we showed him photos of it on Yelp. It was probably a 15 min walk. same thing happened with Endo Sushi. this really nice guy got off his bike and walked us through the fish market all the way to the front door. 

People in Japan have the biggest heart. So kind, so polite, full of pride and dignity in everything they do. They wave you bye right after. 

this cafe is a chain called gram. don’t look it up through Yelp. 

here’s the one we went to and the exact address via google.


Japan, 〒545-0052 Osaka Prefecture, Osaka, Abeno Ward, Abenosuji, 1−1−61 新宿ごちそうビル

it should be facing a street. pancakes take 20 mins to make so make sure you order this as soon as you sit down first….then get your other items in when you’re settled. DAMN THESE WERE SO GOOD. taste as yummy as they looked. so light and airy. it just tasted like a really light marshmallow (YOU GUYS KNOW I LOVE MARSHMALLOWS). so so soooooooo good. it wasn’t too sweet or heavy and puts you in a coma. it was perfect. 



dotonbori is super fun + touristy. it's like the downtown of Osaka. you will find everything here. 


starbucks (short) ice coffee (8 oz, HOW CUTE) LOL a lot of you guys were throwing shade because I was drinking starbucks in Japan. 1) nothing else was open at 6am 2) sometimes matcha was really hard to find ok? 


Kuromon Ichiba Market – Osaka, Japan

Address: 2 542 0073, 2 Chome-4-1 Nipponbashi, Osaka Prefecture 542-0073, Japan

SO MUCH FOOD!!!! Here's the mochi emoji I found 🍡☺️


guys I ate takoyaki in every city. by the time I got to Osaka I was so over them. I can't tell you where the BEST takoyaki is. TORO took my heart in Osaka. If you ever get to visit Japan buy a 7 day unlimited bullet train ticket for $250 USD you can hit multiple cities and it pays for itself. a one way trip to Osaka from Tokyo runs about $125 USD. I think round trip is about $180 USD. 

if you guys have any questions about Osaka, drop them in the comments. Kyoto + Tokyo are coming up next.