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We took the bullet train (Shinkansen) from Tokyo to Kyoto. If you buy the pass in the US & get the voucher mailed to you it's $250 for 7 days of unlimited rides all over Japan. Ours got lost so we had to pay $300 while we were there.

A one way trip to Kyoto from Japan is $127 & takes about 2 hours. 

Kyoto is much different than Tokyo or Osaka. LOL that would be like comparing The Valley to DTLA to Silverlake. All very different neighborhoods within the same city.

Kyoto is very charming. It’s a good in-between from Tokyo & Osaka. 

Our airbnb was on top of a hill tucked away in a small cute neighborhood. No elevators, just stairs. No uber up. Just you and your suitcase up the hill enjoying nature. You were forced the journey up and it was sooooooo worth it. The apartment was was super tiny but had one of the best toilets + showers I have ever bathe in. LOL the water pressure and hot water was honestly a dream. It’s honestly the little things when you’re traveling. The toilet seat had a warmer + sound machine. 


Kyoto was the land of SHRINES. 

The most unique one we found was the break up shrine at Yasui Konpira-gu in Kyoto. this is where you go to breakup with bad habits, past loves, anything you no longer need in your life. pass through the stone from front to back to break up with a bad relationship and pass through from back to front to make a good one. lastly, stick katashrio on the stone and make your wish. here are SO MANY SHRINES in Kyoto. each one serving a different wish. better fortune, better health, better academics, family safety, blocking off haters... lol you name it, there’s a shrine here for it. I mean here’s the break up shrine after all ✨✌🏽⛩ 🇯🇵 thank you @curatedkyoto.


Fushimi Inari-taisha. you seen it in movies & every single friend that visits Japan prob has a photo here. it's just as mesmerizing in person!! we were so lucky during our trip, the weather was so good to us. 

I'd suggest trying to get here before 8am and wearing great walking shoes and not carrying a bunch of stuff. You'll be exhausted by 3pm. Bring bug spray, extra batteries, and water. Lots of snacks / food you can buy and eat on the way in and out. I bought so many charms! I got my little sister an academic one & myself a protection one that stays in my wallet.

I also did the fortune thing! (you make a wish and shake the popsicle sticks with numbers on them) If you see people tying little white papers to the tree that means their fortune is BAD. you keep yours if it's good. 

it was super hot this day and we walked 14k miles! here's where you wash your hands before you pray. 


Yasaka Shrine + night walks and ice cold beers.


In Japan you walk so much! When I'm in NYC it's about 12k a day... Japan was like 23+ miles a day sometimes 15-16k!!! I'd eat 5+ meals a soft serve every chance I get...walked a bunch and came back skinny and even lost weight!! THE FUCKING DREAM. there are no preservatives or GMO bullshit. it's all fresh.

Nishiki Market.

a quail egg inside an octopus head :) yummmm. I would ask them to throw it on the grill real quick. I had mine cold.


hmmm fish cake!

We were SOOOOO lucky and had the best food around our neighborhood. I ate so much takoyaki I think I'm good until 2019. 


the best matcha soft serve in all Japan is Hana in Kyoto, Japan. nothing like you've ever had. even the cone is fantastic! I wish I had more hours in the day so I could eat more soft serve while I was there, lol. on my last day while wheeling down all my luggage I stood on the side of the road and enjoyed my final soft serve from Hana & the cute owner took pics of me!


soy based matcha. I perfer Hana over everyone lol.


buttered corn instant soup, flan, beer, and hella spicy chips! family mart come up.


we tried to have one expensive meal in each city. this is from our sukiyaki meal. it sounds gross but I'd pay $70 to just have this right here all over again. it's the best cut of wagyu dipped in raw egg. it's so simple but just did it for me. like the first time sugarfish salmon touched my lips lol. 

the wagyu just melted in my mouth. you can't visit Japan without trying this. promise you it'll elvate your experience of Japan's cusine. 


Wajōryōmen Sugari // Tsukemen 

I never had dipping ramen (Tsukemen ) before coming here. My friend Jess took the bullet train from Tokyo and had this 2 days in a row! We came and sat around 20 minutes before they opened and was 2nd in line. They had a line of 10+ when when they opened at 11:30am. The restaurant is pretty small so get here early if you hate waiting. We got here around 11:10am. This is the door to unlocking your Tsukemen dreams.

Your noodles are cold and your broth is piping hot. When you mix the two the earth shakes, lol. True beauty with every bite! Dip your cold ramen in your broth with each bite. (don't be silly and pour your hot soup in your noodles!) I loved the texture of the ramen. It was chewy & bouncy & refreshing and still had flavor mixed with the broth it was mad special. 

I didn't finish it because ramen is always too salty for me and I can't have it all the time. But you can't leave Kyoto without trying the best Tsukemen.


ugh this green tea donut, lol. I had the worst stomach ache of all time and needed to use the restroom. I had to pretend I was excited about trying this donut by taking a fake food pic so here ya go. also. this was the same day I had 5 servings of matcha and wouldn't recommend it.


a traditional tea ceremony! I learned so much about the art of matcha & being present in the moment. how to correctly make + enjoy matcha. how to carry myself with grace and do everything with pride. we rented these kimonos, lol and got ripped off because they suckered us in doing our hair too.

gave ourselves a photoshoot while we're at it ;)

Thu Do CMG Iridescent Cheeks.JPEG

good lorddddd I made vivian trek with me to the train station so I could try this curry bun for breakfast. it was EVERYTHING. had an egg on the inside + I got a iced matcha and walked my happy ass all around wishing I got two!  best cheap breakfast on the go!

SIZUYA Kyoto Station


if you go to Japan BRING BUG REPELLENT. we got littttttttttt. I had 4 bites on me and it was itchy as hell. we went to bed spraying ourselves + carried a bottle with us at all times.



being jet lagged really worked to our advantage. we were up so early and hit up all the tourist spots before they were busy. I mean...look at this photo :)

LOVED KYOTO & how charming and peaceful it was. 

still dreaming of Japan. I WANT TO GO BACK!!


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