Vitamix Dreams: It's HERE!!!

YOU GUYSSSSSSSS!! I can't believe my dreams of owning a Vitamix finally came true. After two years of talking everyone's ear off about my love for vitamix I finally own one. 

I'm sure my best friend + room-mate, Vivian and boyfriend are just as HYPED about this Vitamix because they no longer had to hear about it. 

Seriously I've done comparisons with my boyfriend and have showed him that every cafe/acai bowl place we go to uses a vitamix (jamba juice, equinox, whole foods...just pay attention to the blender the next time you're out buying an overpriced (but delicious) smoothie!) 

*speak things into existence*

My love for smoothies started young! Ever since I was allowed to use a blender I always remember just whippin' up the best smoothie combos. I make the best vietnamese avocado smoothies. 

Growing up the blender my mom had was pretty basic.. I remember I had to use a big spoon to crack the ice cubes (lol did anyone else do this or was it just me?) so the blending process would be quicker + smoother. You couldn't just throw whole chunky ice cubes in there and push one button. (sidenote: freeze your fruits instead and cut out the ice entirely for the best smoothies + consistency). 

In college during date nights with my bestie Caitlin we always made a smoothie with our rice o roni meals.  

Smoothies always made me feel happy. 

When it comes to a blender not all blenders are created the same. If there was ever a blind fold taste test I could tell which smoothie was made from a vitamix from a sip! I'll just gravitate towards it. The way a vitamix blends down kale + / veggies into this smooth creamy consistency is like no other. YES I HAVE TRIED TO MAKE A GREEN SMOOTHIE IN MY BASIC BLENDER and it's not the same. I didn't even finish it. The taste was off and the worst part is the consistency was fluffy and pulpy, YUCK. fluffy and pulpy could work if you were at a resort in cabo and they forgot to sift the juice on the final step but you can't complain because it's free and there's 10 to choose from.

your smoothies at home should never SUCK, ever!!!

your smoothies at home should be blended into perfection. into this creamy rich thick smoothie. your body should crave great fuel that sets you off for the day. you should drink smoothies for your health! for you skin and nails. for your mood..for your tastebuds!!

@Vitamix just launched their Ascent Series (OOOOF JUST THE PERFECT WAY TO START 2017 and CELEBRATE MY BIRTHDAY AND LIFE)

sidenote: turning 27 has been the best birthday yet!!!

the new ascent series is modern and sleek! the machines (the body) got a make over! there's a built in digital timer (you can pre-set how long you like your smoothies to be blended, etc and it will automatically stop!) the wireless capability comes into play if you buy the different Ascent Series accessories (single smoothie container, sauce containers (like for a salad dressing or dip) and automatically it'll know which container is on the body and use the right power! how COOL is that!! 

i'm obsessed at how easy this vitamix makes my life. I'll throw every ingredient in one shot and just press a start and it does all the work for me. there's a 10 year warranty and the customer service is amazing. have you ever met someone who owns a vitamix that hates it?!


clean up is super easy!!! the trick is to rinse it then throw it back on the blender with water inside right after you made your smoothie. everything will glide right off.

I can't wait to share my favorite smoothie recipes with you guys! and soups! and different dipping sauces. 

2017 is going to be a very delisous year!

photo: @aaronreq (follow him here) // blender: a2300 (found here) // nighty: @bandofgypsies x @canyoncountryLA (follow them here + here