mental break

hiiii guysssss. 

for as long as I can remember I have always been a go-getter and someone who is balancing 7282728 things at once. 

that's always been my story. 

earning everything I have ever had.

I put myself through college. I worked two jobs. had an internship. went to school full time. and max'd out on my student loans. I make shit happen for myself all the time.

I know I said I would be updating this blog but I'm going to be honest with you. I'm burnt the fuck out right now. between working full time, blogging full time, getting over the flu and not taking days off I think it's time for me to pump the breaks and be ok with not working for a couple of days.

sorry they'll be no blog posts until I'm back from vacation. I really just want to enjoy this time off with my boyfriend and read books and not worry about producing content. 

dont worry. I'll still be on social media. I'm just taking a week off from my blog though. I'm going through some personal stuff and need some time before I get back into things at 100. 

you guys can catch me on instagram @lazygirlgam I'll be there..otherwise I loveeeee you! I'll be back the last week of Jan !!!!! with lots of photos...and updates...and less anxiety!!

London in the AM.


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