hello from bed! I'm underneath two blankets right now and feelin’ cozy AF. I’m debating if I should pop my NyQuil right now or wait until I’m done with this post. 

sidebar: lol btw I hashtag’d “#NIGHTQUIL” the other day on instagram and my boyfriend immediately sent a screenshot: “BABY! It’s NyQuil” — LOL. (I blame not speaking English until I was 7 and always speaking Vietnamese at home for my fobby-ness) p.s have you carefully listened to a Vietnamese person say: McDonalds?! macdonalds.

so good.

I’ve been gone for almost three weeks now from my blog!!

I spent NYE in Las Vegas with my best-friend who is currently going to medical school out in Philly. We saw Metro Boomin at LIGHT & Major Lazer at XS.

Then I got really sick the last three days from working insane hours last week! I did full days at the office + events after work every single night. My body was done overworking for me and I paid the price for not taking care of myself. I was SICK AF and couldn't work for 3 days -__-

now I’m bacckkkkkk guyyssss! I’m back.

happy 2017. we’re all still here & today’s another day to live the life you want!! If there’s anything I really learned in 2016 is to just focus on you and let all the bullshit go.

there’s always going to be someone who doesn’t like you for something(the type of cereal you eat, lol or that you drink “too much” green juice). there’s always going to be someone who will try their best to get in your way and slow you down. there’s going to be some really mean girls who talk bad about you but want to be you. blah blah blah

no one can take away your focus and the goals you’re about to achieve for yourself. trust me, if I listened to everyone’s opinion I would still be living at home in San Jose right now. 

FOCUS. write all the things you want down. places to travel. places to eat. job titles. if you're single - qualities you want/value in your future partner. salary goals. wellness goals. future apartment goals. future car goals. things you want to go for your community.

write them down and get to work. stop talking about it. really put in work. 

when I’m done at the office I go home and work on my shit until bedtime. 

how else are things going to get done?!

I want to focus on the things that are important to me and take care of my loved ones. everything else is everything else.

thank-you for the constant love + support. and checking in. 2017 is going to be magicccc


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