introducing MIRAKLE CREAM (“Genius in a Jar”) from The Better Skin Company


I just got back from San Francisco + San Jose + San Diego + Mexico and just haven't been eating too healthy lately. My schedule recently changed and I'm easing into a different routine so my life has been everywhere. Thankfully, no breakouts / dry skin patches from the stress / travel / changes. 

And I have MIRAKLE CREAM to thanks for this beautiful skin moment :)

Life is sooooo wonderful when you don't have any skin issues!!

I was laying out for hours in Mexico and barley drank any water on vacation (I was low key afraid of getting sick from the water)... only pina coladas & margaritas (not together on the same day of course --- lol night 1 I had the worst hangover because I drank everything in sight - thats another blog post). 

let's just say I had a lot of time to test this product between a bunch of cities and weekends.

going to bed with a facial oil is a must for me and no other product has ever came close. MIRAKLE CREAM blows facial oils out of the water for me currently. 

this is what dreams are made of. 1 product that does the job and does it SO WELL you want to scream and share it with the world because you know so many other people will love it and benefit from it too.

for me you need something potent that you can rely on so when you sleep so it can solve all of your issues then you wake up beautiful af. I mean thats why we buy so many products right? so the product can do the work and we just wake up like a glowing subtle goddess with great skin.

boyyyyyyyy. I love this stuff so much I want to sit down and hand write a four page love letter of all the wonderful things it has done for my skin. it's like crack for your skin. once you use this and see the results and see how your skin becomes more radiant and problem-less you will understand it's magical effect. 

baking under the sun for hours in Mexico is not good for your skin. I probably aged 5 years in 4 days. I did it anyways because I wanted to get come color on me and I'm looking so beautifully sun-kissed right now guyzzzz. I WORE SPF THO. but given the damage, traveling,  and partying this Genius in a Jar kept my skin super hydrated and subtle the entire time. my hands and cuticles were dry but my face was always glowing and dewy! 

so WHAT IS MIRAKLE CREAM and why is it so special?

It's a secret recipe from Natalya Rachkova, an Uzbekistanian aesthetician with 27 years experience, and beauty executive Murphy Bishop, II (from butter LONDON and Stila). 

It's an all purpose cream that solves and cures a whole bunch of skin issues! It's handcrafted with lots of love + natural ingredients! 

moisturize, softens, balance, brighten, helps calm skin, fights signs of aging. peptides and hyaluronic acid help skin appear smoother, more youthful and radiant. 

Mirakle Cream is gluten-free, paraben-free, surfactant-free, fragrance-free! 

the formula is fantastic! its rich but super light weight and your skin drinks it up really well. your skin will have a glow to it! I use it every single day!! in the morning before pilates and at night I would switch between this and and my sunday riley U.F.O oil.

I just noticed how much healthier my skin looked and I never have to worry about my dry patches coming back! it's sooo sooo sooo goooooood.

have any of you guys tried this before? 


Photos: Aaron Requeña

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Each jar comes in its own fabric pouch printed in a traditional Uzbekistanian print.