choker dreams with @joinswitch

it's been four months since Aaron and I got together for photos & I had a beautiful choker to flex so let's chatttt! 

#1) aaron is crazy talented and you need to connect with him because --well---just go look at his instagram page. kind-humble-talented af  (follow him on the gram here)

#2) thanks for making sure I always look fly @joinswitch

sooooo I'm back at it again with my 2nd choker from my @joinswitch subscription. (if you arn't familiar peep my first blog post HERE) the return/exchange process was super simple... there's a prepaid label...all you have to do is use the same box it came in... tape it up then place the new label (it's a sticker) on top of the old one and go drop it off at USPS.  

they get extra brownie points because once it's scanned on the way back - they're shipping you the next item on your wish list (so there's no missed time -- @joinswitch wants to deck you out asap and as many times as you would like)

eddie borgo made premium chokers before they made a comeback. I'm obsessed with this piece because everyone is currently using velvet and leather. this rose gold choker is beautiful and really unique. I'm super boring and don't really wear color so black with rose gold just pops and makes a statement without trying too hard. if you love chokers and havn't tried a solid piece you should!!!! sooooo boughie I LUV IT.

product photos by me // modeling photos by Aaron Requeña

eyelashes : elisha (follow her here:  she's also soooooooo good at nail art! if you babes live in KTOWN , you need to see her!!!! these are my lashes at 3 weeks. they last SO LONG!!!


also on the gram here: 

use code: LGG50 for half off your first month when you sign up!!

tell me which pieces you guys are dying to try? I'm thinking the celine bracelet next :)