herbivore botanicals x dermstore

Stop everything you're doing right now! herbivorebotanicals just dropped on DermStore.Com

I've been lusting over herbivore for a while now. everything from their packaging to glass bottles to killer website and incredible products has got me swooning and loving as if it was my very own. In a dream world if I developed my own line it would be just exactly like herbivore. not in an unoriginal I'm not creative and want to be just like you way. but I'm talking about their ascetics and simplicity. it's so dreamy.

ok.ok.ok. let's get into the products.

#1) Herbivore Botanicals - Lapis Blue Tansy + Kukui Oil Balancing (1.7 oz.)

You guys know my obsession with facial oils!! This one is great for anyone who's acne prone/oily and helps alleviate with redness. I love that this oil is not only balancing but also clarifying!! This oil doesn't disappear as quickly like other ones but I don't mind it because I wear it to bed only. I'm not crazy about the scent but it doesn't rub off on my white pillow cases with oily residue. 

#2) Herbivore Botanicals - After Sun Skin Soothing Aloe Mist (8 oz.)

If you follow me on Snapchat (@thuprah) you know I love laying out!!! Natural color on me makes me feel like my highlighter is on fleek but my whole entire body if that makes any sense. I just feel like I look better sunkissed. Normally after baking I'll shower off my tanning oil and moisturize heavily with Nivea. This After Sun Skin Mist really changed the game for me because your skin is taking a beating after being exposed in the sun for so long so giving it some love is really nice and something I've never thought about incorporating into my routine! Normally you would only put aloe vera on if you've had a sunburn but why don't you treat your skin to some love anytime you want? you know the face mists? think about this as a mist for your body but does wonders for your skin....anytime you want. love this mist!!!!

#3) Herbivore Botanicals - Jasmine Glowing Hydration Body Oil (4 oz.)

MAN, I LOVE BODY OILS. I would trade two beauty products in my closet for 1 body oil in a trade off. I wish body oils wouldn't run out so fast and didn't cost a full foundation size :( I only use this on special occasions because using it daily would bring me to tears (it would be out in 1 week, I would bathe in it all the time). The scent is so wonderful and relaxing yet still elegant and to the point. Imagine your bougie friend and what scent she would wear to a brunch...this is it. it's classic and sweet. 

The oil is perfection. it leaves your legs so soft, glowing, and you just want to roll around in bed all day with your lover!! 

I swear wearing it to work gives you super powers too! it just elevates the way you carry yourself and how you feel in your own skin. this is a win for me!!!!!!!!! highly highly recommend and would purchase again full price!!!

What are some of your favorite herbivore products? 

All photo taken by me.... on my iphone :)