happy sunday everyone!

going to Belize will be the last destination for our vacation series from Amber and I! I hope you guys enjoyed the illustration and all product recommendations. We had a lot of fun pulling together our favorites for this series and it’s always sooooo fun + inspiring when you get to work with a friend you admire. 

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When I think of Belize I think about the J.Lo glow!! Who doesn’t want to look like J.Lo n vacation!?!?!?! Lots of nudes / shimmer/ perfect dewey skin and smell like it!

So let’s start with skin:

makeup forever HD

better than before (if you’re an OG makeup forever HD girl know that this formula is new and improved) with more colors to choose from! For a tanned Asian girl I really like the color there’s no yellow undertone like MAC. I'm y345 btw

hourglass ambient lighting powder in luminous light

honestly if I had a big powder puff ball thing I would apply this to my entire body each day! it makes your skin look airbrush/ flawless/ and just glowing/alert and vibrant! like a real life snapchat filter! looooovvvveee this stuff. 

jouer moisturizing lipgloss in wind

this is the perfect nude. perfect alone. perfect on top of any other color. just perfect in every way. it doesn’t wash you out it just adds sex appeal. 

sunglasses - anything karen walker please.

tocca - stella

every single item I own from Tocca feels like a piece of art! Their message is to “love yourself” and I feel so special / calm / beautiful every time I use a product of thier! Because the product line is driven by their signature fragrances it brings to a place or time or I’m creating a new one by bringing a new scent with me on vacation! Stella has been my favorite for a while. I started out having their hand cream in stella and just craving the scent (because it just brings me joy and uplifts my spirit) so on vacation I bring it with me for the same effect!

with that said… I hope you guys have an upcoming trip soon. traveling is my favorite. you learn so much about yourself and the world around you every time you travel. you get to re-invent yourself as many times as you'd like!!!



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