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nothing feels better than seeing your friends doing what they love! Giovanna has been talking about writing and sharing her stories on dating for the longest time. I'm so proud of her for taking the leap of faith and just going for it.

starting something new is always scary and most people never even dare to try. 

check her blog out!

writing has always been a passion of hers. she talks about what it's like being a woman and dating when you're in your in los angeles alone is a trip.

she's honest. she's raw. she's unapologetic.

SEX.BLOW JOBS.DESIRES.PASSION.BEING MARRIED.BEING A SINGLE MOM. feeling sexy in your body. empowering yourself. enjoying sex without feeling shameful.

why is it ok for a man to act like an idiot but when a women loves herself and her body she's dumb?

GIVE HER A BLOG A READ. You'll love it. It's what you've been craving.



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