LACMA + the rain room in peoplesprojectla

living in california I get to wear dresses year round!! nothing makes me happier than a flowing dress that's simple but makes me feel so beautiful + unique.  also being 5'2 -ish I could make most long shirts a dress on me so that's really fun too. 

it's been super hot lately in los angeles so I've been wearing items that are light + flowing. tight clothes while the back of your neck/back is sweating is so uncomfortable. 

I turned this peoplesprojectla serengeti split side top into a dress on this hot day with a belt around so I wouldn't look like a balloon. you know how sometimes it's too flowey so you lose your shape? throwing a belt on is great for that ;)

perfect outfit for a day at LACMA! 

since it was a shirt I threw on a black skirt underneath (I love the slits on the side!!!), added a choker, + my H&M boots and called it a day!

suppppper easy yet blogger-ish let me take a million photos in it outfit

the rain room has been sold out ever since it was opened to the public!! if you sign up for their mailing list (s/o to my room mate vivian for snatching these tickets and also--for all these incredible guys should go follow her on instagram: HERE ) you could be the first to know when they release new tickets and you could go see this incredible installation for yourself!

we got our tickets 3 months in advance! + were so HYPED we were finally going. I was soaked because I couldn't move slow enough for the censor to not rain on me.

I'm obsessed with gifting myself experiences in life. museum visits in cities I travel to are very important to me. we're so lucky in los angeles to have SOOOO MANY incredible spots for inspiration. I've been to LACMA so many times and each time it's still really exciting. I still take a million photos as if I've never been, LOL. if you're a BOA card holder you also get free access to MUSEUMS all over...learn more here....

what are some of your favorite ways to get inspired to a busy city??!?!