Join Switch

friends. meet switch. Join Switch to be exact if we’re introducing people on the first name basis here.

Switch is the friend you didn’t realize you needed and now can’t live without.

Bottom line / cutting to the fucking chase: Borrow the best curated designer jewelry for a monthly fee. No sponsors/sugar daddy needed for designer jewelry anymore. Kidding but not really.

Ummmm brands like: Hermes, Celine, Dylanlex, Eddie Borgo, Balenciago, Chanel + MUCH MORE!!!!

As if you got to shop in Kim K’s closet as many times you wanted in a month by just paying a membership. How fucking great is that?

Well… for all my bougie babes who don't think they're bougie…there are levels to this thing:

$29/month gets you 1 piece at a time as many times as you want (yes unlimited exchanges) FREE SHIPPING BOTH WAYS!

$49/month gets you 2 pieces at a time

$69/month gets you 3 pieces at a time

What impressed me the most was their selection. You’re not getting the shitty selection like the many subscription beauty boxes. Let’s be honest those things kind of suck -- companies just throw in products that aren’t selling. (ok except FabFitFun those boxes ARE INSANE AND I LOVE THEM)

Or brands that you have to google.

I got to borrow this beaaaaauuutifulllllll diamond choker from Fallon

Just take a second to browse through the collect and see all the goodies!

You’ll for sure be the coolest without working so hard and you know I’m all about that life. Looking good, making it look easy and not really spending too much time or money.

Switch is veryyyyy on brand with me.

Getting to try out so many dope pieces for a small price is super cool if you’re blogging or have an event to go to but don’t wanna drop $$$ on jewelry you only wear sometimes.

I mean I was in Vegas with a $400 Fallon Choker it was litttttt. Here’s me wearing it both nights two different ways/

Oh and if I wasn’t cool enough look at North West rocking it:

look at that sparkle!!!

It’s hard though sometimes too…you want to be cool as fuck but being cool costs money and you rather spend your money on food and traveling (ME) so having a friend like Switch just helps :)

And on top of allllla that their customer service fucking rocks so I’m allllllll about this.

I hope you can make friends with Switch too because I really like them and they're helping me a bunch in my accessories department.

ALSOOOOOOOOO :) :) :) you guys know I got your back, right? use code: LGG50

for half off your first month when you sign up!!!!!! do it and send me pics

check them out here:

also on the gram here:

Until next timeeee