let's go to portugal with @designxiety

What’s on your packing list for Portugal?!

In collaboration with my incredibly talented friend, Amber Day....our vacation series continues :)

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ok.ok.ok. let's start

#1) essie – jelly apple

there’s something about a really great red manicure that just sets the tone for a vacation. My normal go-to are nudes or really dark tones for everyday life. Vacation nails are always a classic hot red for me. Essie makes some beautiful REDS! Jelly Apple is my favorite. It’s rich yet still vibrant and youthful.


#2) Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Rose Gold

It’s is an island glow at anytime. On days where my skin is bare I’ll brush this beautiful magic dust on my cheeks and neck and that’s all I’ll need. Other days when I’m feeling dramatic (which is most days) I’ll use this as highlighter and GORL LET ME TELL YOU….. it’s heaven. YOU NEED IT.


#3) SmashBox X-Rated Mascara

after the skin is glowing and you have neck breakings we need all the attention in the room to freeze to your lashes. I’m such a lash snob. I think beautiful lashes can save a bad day. Great lashes = anything you want. I was truly impressed by this mascara from SmashBox! Generally when it comes to mascara I stick to the starting line up: eyeko, blackout, mac…. the players who know the game and have been making waves. It’s a rare occasion that I would step out and try a brand new mascara. Thanks to gen beauty and smashbox I was actually blown away (I don’t get impressed a lot) ….my lashes were sky high…coated to perfection and never once did I have raccoon eyes. I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten my way every single time I wore this mascara.

Flirty, curly, full, voluminous…lashes full of confidence. Every single lash was separated to perfection. Every single lash shined through! I knew I had a good natural set but this mascara just put me on. This mascara put me on like if I had a beautiful set of extensions.

3 coats and you can accomplish anything your heart is set out to do.

If you love mascara- this one is perfecttttttttt and something you should try in your lifetime.


#4) NUDESTIX – Intense Matte Lip + Cheek Pencil

I love a perfect nude that makes your lips appear pouty-er and lasts all day! Who has time to reapply on vacation (or in everyday life)?!?! I want to take my photos, go enjoy food and then LIVE IN THE MOMENT. Let it sink in.

Nudestix has become one of my favorite brands! The formula, color, and staying power is really impressive!! Because the finish is matte I feel like my lips are so much fuller and luscious wearing this! Also a huge plus that this is also a cheek pencil!

This color is entice. MY favorite!


#5) TOCCA – Fragrance Discovery Set

I love TOCCA I own a bunch of tocca products. Hand creams, candles, hair fragrance, regular fragrances, gift sets in my beauty closet for thank-you gifts.. I love everything about the brand. Their signature scents, their packaging, their bottles, their photos, THEIR PRODUCTS.

There’s this sense of personal romance when it comes to using anything Tocca. I truly feel like it’s such a treat.

On vacation I love experimenting and trying a new scent….

Because #1) being on vacation = a brand new experience

I don’t want to smell like Winter 2015 when I was dating XYZ ya know? I’m reinventing myself here!!!! I want to be in Portugal creating new memories with new scents!

Instead of bringing a huge bottle of ONE thing why don’t you pack a set of TOCCA’S signature scents? Because these are rollerballs they fit anywhere and you can switch them around and really have fun with creating new memories!

I would use Isabel in the early afternoon while I’m walking around the market for fresh juice and Stella at night during my candle lit dinner.

I would test Colette out by the pool and see how it lingers on my skin and hair while I’m just vacationing really hard.

Having multiple options is major key in creating something unforgettable.

Music + Scents are two things that always bring me back to a place and time.

You need this set on your next vacation! It’s precious.


dreaming of the next time my passport gets stamped and I’m somewhere warm….glowing from the inside out and spamming your Instagram feed.

Until next time babes.



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