brow goals with @DermStore + a lil' update

hi hi hiiiiiii.

I'm still here guys. don't give up on me!

I filmed a really fun eyebrow tutorial with @DermStore !! Check it out here : (you need to click through to watch the video- sorry- squarespace is trash sometimes and doesn't support some videos)

what do you guys think? would you prefer a walk through where I'm talking? sometimes when I watch makeup tutorials I just want to see what product and technique someone uses then I freestyle the rest.

I had so much fun filming with the DermStore Studios Crew! UGH I MISS DERMSTORE SO MUCH. If you guys didn't know...DermStore was the first company that gave me a shot at producing video/hosting when I graduated college in 2012. 

I still have so many friends there and was SO HYPED about this chance to create videos for them again. I was apart of the original 3/4 OG crew and made some of DermStore's first and best videos. 


anyways, leave feedback in the comment below on this brow tutorial so I know if you guys want another one!

**lil' life update: adjusting back to real life after traveling like a rockstar with stubhub was hard. I cried the first day back, lol. I was an emotional fucking mess.

#1) I was so grateful for the opportunity and still couldn't believe that this summer was real. I LIVED IT. I MADE IT HAPPEN. It was finally processing and I was freaking out! Freaking out because it was everything I wanted and more. AND IT ENDED. 

---how was I suppose to go back to my old life (hella dramatic I know----)

#2) I was fucking exhausted. I finally felt music festivals. 6 cities. 5 weeks. SO>MANY>FLIGHTS. little sleep. festival food. it was all crashing down on me finally and I was ready to go into hibernation for a week. (not that I minded any of that- if anyone wants me to travel and produce content for them CALL ME. Let's be friends on LINKEDIN , lol I'm down and could have my bags packed tomorrow) 

IDK why I'm even numbering my talking points...I'm sorry. when you're on the road and going from one place to the next and on a roll it's chill but when you're about to go home and kiss this little dream bye everything crashes down on you and you just want to break down over everything. cry because the sky is blue. cry because someone told you they miss you. cry because uber pronounced your name wrong. I'm telling you. someone could of told me they liked my nail color and I would of broke down over that. ( AND I WASNT PMS-ING )


let's get to the real news. I'm in the process of re-launching my blog. pleasssseeeeeee don't leave me!!!! promise it's gunna b dope as fuck. I'm finally back on my regular schedule. back to working full time and building this brand with everything I got. 

promise the content will flow and the design will be magical.

I LOVE U GUYS. thanks for visiting my blog and keeping up with me. if you follow me on INSTAGRAM and like my picture or ever commented. I LOVE YOU. THANK U.

if you followed my journey on SNAPCHAT this summer, THANK U I LOVE U. 

seriously. your support means the world to me. LOVE U GUYZZZZ 



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