vacation hair in morocco with @designxiety

So today is not Sunday but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on my 2nd collaboration with my Amber Day!!

If you’re new here…Amber and I teamed up to drop a vacation series! We both love traveling and both love creating so it was the perfect opportunity to get together and have some fun both doing what we love.

Amber is an incredible artist/illustrator and a very good friend of mine. Check out her website here:

And if you’re looking for artwork to compliment your brand hit my girl up…she’s INCREDIBLE.

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In a dream world I would have a black card to the dry bar with unlimited blowouts. A LIFETIME OF UNLIMITED BLOWOUTS…..because I HATE WASHING MY HAIR. You guys know this by now. I just have really kinky and now dry/damaged/colored hair that takes a village to style and wash.

I can’t just wash it and go.

I have to wash it…let it air dry…sleep in it and then it’s ready to be styled the next day.

I’m just not blessed with the wash + go.

Being on vacation…especially in the summer HEAT one really has time to wash / air dry / style. Or who wants to?

Ok ok ok okkkkk. So I’ve gathered some of my favorite products for the best vacation hair. This is perfect for the busy girl who’s dying in the heat, wants to still look sexy AND treat her locks all at once. You guys know I’m about that life: look cute with very little effort.

#1) philip b avocado peppermint shampoo

If you don’t have a clarifying shampoo in your rotation, please get one! Living in Los Angeles and not washing my hair as often as I should I know my hair is pretty gross (LOL) pollution, product build up, etc etc … having a “treatment” shampoo that’s great on your scalp is super important. I’ve blogged about this before! If your scalp isn’t healthy your hair will suck. It’s that simple. A healthy, clean, happy scalp = shiny, soft, beautiful hair.

This one has avocado + peppermint oil so there’s a little tingling sensation when you leave this on your scalp for a couple of minutes. I love incorporating this into my routine because this shampoo really cleans my hair/scalp!

Start vacation hair with a squeaky clean healthy scalp!

#2) davines – alchemic conditioner silver

If you have blonde hair – you need this purple hair mask! It keeps your hair super ICY blonde. Most purple shampoos you wash off right away but since this is a purple mask … it’s more potent.

This mask is more for maintaining color vs hydration. So only use this once a week then switch off with something that will put moisture back into your hair.

Can’t wash your hair without a great mask!

#3) sachajuan overnight hair repair

Where would I be without this overnight hair repair by sachajuan?! It got me through my summer living in North Carolina and through two hair colors! It’s a beautiful product inside and out. The way it puts moisture (and LOTS of LOVE) back into my hair is insane!!!

So I use this a bunch of different ways… the correct way is to sleep in it and then in the morning wash it out OR you can just leave it in your hair. It’s so lightweight you can’t even tell it’s in your hair but your hair is so soft and smells like a dream.

I put this on after the shower..sometimes when I’m done stylizing my hair I’ll use this as a finishing cream. When I put my hair in a bun at the pool to get color I make sure this stuff is in it! Basically I just live in this magic cream!!! It just makes such a huge difference and the formula is pure magic!!!

#4) loveamika oil treatment

I remember the first day I fell in love with Amika. No hair oil will ever come close (ok maybe Oribe) if you love hair oils and have never tried Amika I urge you to get to a Sephora or Ulta and get a sample ASAP.

It’s vacation hair every day. Imagine your best hair day but with a signature scent…this is it. If you’re single this will get you a bae in no time.

Strangers will follow you home. You could land your dream job. Your Instagram account might boost in numbers overnight. I mean the possibilities from Amika is endless for you.

I’m not going on vacation with bae without this in my bag is what I’m saying.

You don’t have to be in Morocco to have beautiful Morocco vacation hair…just the right products J