greece getaway in collaboration with @designxiety

Amber Day (a very good friend of mine + bad-ass illustrator / follow her @designxiety) and I have teamed up for a 4 part beauty series! 

Our very first collaboration together is a getaway in greece. 

Don't get it twisted...

It doesn't matter where you are in the world when you're reading this... being on vacation is a state of mind...oh and having the right beauty products too, duh!

ok ok ok let's take you to greece.

first, we need to start you in the shower.... 

#1)  mi-me - tahitian vanilla salt scrub

want glowing soft touchable skin? you need this scrub in your life!

a) all the ingredients are things you can pronounce.

b) it's a women run business and these products are made with lots of love in small batches. 

c) the scent brings you to such a happy place every time you use it! very beach vacation with salty air and beachy waves. 

d) the scrub will help you remove toxins + reveal younger, firmer looking skin :) trust meeeeee someone will want to touch you all day long!

#2) frank-body - body cream

nothing screams vacation more than glowing kissable soft skin! skin where people notice and ask you about your routine. I love this body cream by frank body because it's so rich and you feel beautiful immediately after you rub it into your skin. it just takes you there. there's something about ending you day with this and hoping into bed! I wake up every morning with the softest glowing skin! 

#3) pur~lisse - pur ~ protect

this is the best face moisturizer with spf I've tried all year! I'm obsessed and won't leave the house without it. I love that it's so lightweight, doesn't smell like SPF, but works and leaves me skin feeling so subtle and glowing. My best skin shines through when I use this! Vacation or not, this needs to be in your bag.

#4) beachwaver s1 - sarah potempa

beachy waves are always a good idea!! what I love about the beachwaver s1 is that the guess work is covered! you dont have to think about which way you should curl your hair... should you turn left or right? should the wand by turned down? away from the face? nope! all you do is press a button and the curler rotates automatically and releases the most beautiful perfect waves!! there is a Right + Left side with temperature control. whether you're a pro or absolutely have no clue on how to curl your hair this curling iron is soooo easy to use.

this curler creates the most natural, effortless waves that takes about 10 minutes!! I can't believe how easy it is! 

I have a video coming out soon! 

#5) tocca - candele da viaggio luxe

I'm obsessed with everything tocca. from my perfume to my hand cream and now I have their candles on deck. luxury candles are worth the investment! they burn differently and the scent lingers in your room longer. there's a reason why you pay a few more bucks for them. don't get me wrong... I get candles from Target + T.J max (for the living room & bathroom) all the time! but I also have my stash of special candles I like to use to treat myself to a day of relaxation. that and I only use nice candles for my bedroom lol ya girl don't play.

A1 candles are very important. 

This 3 piece candle set from tocca is just that! Every time I use one it transforms my room into a slice of heaven. I'll take my nightly shower, burn some candles then hop into my fresh sheets and it's just pure bliss. This set comes with : cleopatra, stella, and giulietta. 

If you've never tried any tocca products before you should try this set! and if you fall in love with any of the scents you should look at their collection! they make a bunch of wonderful items! such perfect gifts too. there's something for your boyfriend's mom, a house warming gift, etc. 

check them out:

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