currently in alabama

hi from the gulf shores in alabama!

it's about 12:29am as I'm typing this. I slept a total of 2 hours last night because I waited last minute to pack. I also waited last minute to go do a blog photoshoot and run 7 errands all after work. It's been an eventful day! I just got out of the shower. Nothing like a warm shower after a long 12 hour travel day followed by some serious skin care to make you feel so at peace!! I'm seriously on cloud 9 rn. EXHAUSTED. but on cloud 9. Everything was sooo worth it to be blogging from bed in alabama! I did a face mask & brought the most priciest face oil with me on this trip! (thank you sunday riley x dermstore) ...because I need all the help I can get rn. This summer tour is gunna b so lit idk I can just cry. So many feelings.

anywaysssss... I have IMPORTANT NEWS:

IM GOING TO HANGOUTFEST TOMORROW!!!!!!!! My first music festival I will be covering for stubhub.

Go find me on Snapchat + Instagram! 

I will be on SNAPCHAT (follow @stubhubofficial + @thuprah) for all the live coverage.

I will be snapchatting my entire experience and also creating content on Instagram for both @STUBHUB & myself on social media.

I will write a nightly wrap up on my FB and will link it over here so you guys could find it!

I really want to focus covering all these festivals this summer and provide you guys with the best content. (HangoutFest -- BottleRock in Napa --- NYC---CMA--Bonaroo---FIREFLY) All the amazing clothes/shoes./food/people/places/photos/art I will be sharing. All music festival related! 


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