A1 skincare collaboration with @designxiety

It's SUNDAY! That means another collaboration piece with my gorgeous /talented friend, Amber Day (follow her @designxiety, this bad-ass illustration is done by her...you can also check out the rest of her work...she does so many cool things) ... p.s I know we said it's a 4 part beauty series but Amber just blessed us with a 5th illustration. YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE SUNDAYS FROM NOW ON!


I usually would pick makeup products over skincare but it's been a 60/40 thing lately. Getting compliments on your skin when you're not wearing any makeup is pretty wavey I'm not going to lie. This is coming from someone who had bad skin for yearrrrsssssssss. 

Ok, ok, ok... let's chat about my starting line up when it comes to skincare. These are the essentials - YOU NEED THEM. People ask me all the time what I use/would recommend and these 4 are it. I've been switching out multiple products and testing them at home, on vacation, on work trips...with little sleep..with little water intake... you know just really seeing if they work or not.

#1) Marula Oil -- The best everyday face oil. I've talked about this product before...read the blog post HERE. This is def a product I'll buy again - FULL PRICED because it's that good. If you arn't using an oil in your skincare regimen please email me personally so we can chat, LOL. I'm serious. thu@lazygirlglam.com. EMAIL ME. Because no matter your skin type, I truly believe an oil will change the game for you. I was super oily with crazy adult acne and an oil was the ONLY thing that cured me! (it's the Darphin-Naiouli Aromatic Care I'm about to talk about for #4). I've tested this out while I was PMS, traveling and working 11 hour days and this kept me looking like a fox. Truly my favorite oil, EVER. You really notice a difference in your skin and when you try other oils nothing will compare.

#2) If you follow me on Snapchat (add me btw, I'm @thuprah) or watched my dry skin solutions video you know how much I love my Lucas' Papaw. It's the perfect everything ointment. I've had this for a long time and only used it as chapstick/lip balm. And it's decent for that. Nothing amazing. Didn't blow me out of the water. Last winter my skin was so dry.... I had patches of skin that was peeling. It was fucking disgusting. I couldn't even wear foundation because it would get all crusty. Lucas' Papaw SAVED ME SKIN x 18367354656356353635. I got the big jar (you can get it on amazon) and would go to bed each night and layer my entire face with this stuff. I would wake up in the morning with the softest skin EVER. No more dry patches, no more sensitive lame skin.

Use this as a nighttime moisturizer! It's soooo good. My skin is normal now and I still go to bed every-time with it on because it just WORKS. 

#3) makeuppro collagen elastin 14:1 creme. UGH!!!!! THIS IS WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF. this is like whipped magic (the cream is super lightweight, it diminishes into your skin really quick but you feel the moisture that gets locked it ASAP - ALL DAY) that makes your skin feel so plumped and glowy. I use this twice a day and it just makes me feel soooo beautiful. You know when you're super exhausted and just feel flat..your hair sucks and your skin isn't as fleeky?! Well my hair is still flat but my skin is never dull because of this creme! NO MATTER WHAT. 5 hours of sleep or 9 it's still gorgeous as hell. The face that it's main purpose is collagen means = youthfulness. GET THIS. You'll LOVE IT.

#4) Darphin-Naiouli Aromatic Care - I still use this oil till this day...not every night anymore because #1 it's hella $$$ ($70 for the smallest bottle I've ever seen) #2) my skin is really good now! 

I use this oil at least TWICE a week for treatment. It's the last thing I put on and it really helps balance my oils and keep my skin clear and subtle. I always have a full bottle of this stuff as backup in my cabinet (it's so SERIOUS)! This is like liquid gold for your skin..& I don't share this! HAHAHAHA 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! These are the four skincare items I can't live without + really made an impact on my skin. Let me know some of your favorites :)