the "drink more water" struggle + solution

drinking LOTS of water is good for you. it flushes out toxins, keeps your body hydrated, and keeps you beautiful. 

I mean, the list goes on forever. basically it keeps you alive.

#1 beauty tip , #1 solution to everything.

tired? drink more water

stomach hurts? drink more water

thirsty? drink more water

want plump , clear beautiful skin? drink more water.

ok...ok...ok...we fucking get it. DRINK MORE WATER.

but how is something so simple such an issue for me?!?!?!?!?!?

drinking water isn't hard. here were my problems:

1) I kept making excuses

being on the go and drinking TONS of water is a huge inconvenience. WHERE THE F AM I going to find a public restroom? It's torture!!

2) water just sucks. it's so boring. 

I like my beverages SUPER COLD and I really enjoy variety. 

3) I didn't have a cute water bottle (go ahead and laugh at this, but when I got a cool glass water bottle... I drank more water and got refills anywhere I went)

Reality: My skin was breaking out from not hydrating on flights... + not drinking water was catching up to me! I needed to make some lifestyle changes if I wanted certain things in my life to improve so I got serious about this water situation.

My biggest take away: PREPARATION

the more I was prepared for my busy crazy long days...the better off I was. 

1) no more excuses:  drinking more water was a priority now (for my health, duhhh) and nothing was going to stop me. not even me (lol) no restroom? I better look hard. no water around? I better pack my own. don't have a cute bottle? better hit amazon up & use that prime account hate water but want to be beautiful? 

they go hand in hand. I had to get over myself

2) know myself:  I like mint in my water. I like rosemary infused water. I like spa water. I like anything but simple, lol. So I had to make this for myself so I would be more motivated to drink it. Having my own mint, basil, and rosemary herb/plant is the BEST!!! Go to Home Depot and invest. Best $10 ever spent (pots not included).  Infused water is probably the easiest thing to make and it doesn't cost a thing. I would just go get fresh mint leaves, wash them...and throw any fruits I have in the fridge in a bottle and pack for my full day.

If you have water on will drink it because it'll weigh you down. AHAHAH that's what I try to do. I'm not carrying filled bottles at the end of my day.

3) get a cute bottle: being obsessed with @juiceservedhere I kept most of their glass bottles. and the ones I didn't want, I recycled back to them. anyways---glass bottles are the shit and you need one. I didn't go out and buy a bottle I just reused one. glass bottles are really cheap to buy too! amazon or ikea. make sure it's BPA free should cost you less than $5!

I'm so crazy for carrying a bunch of drinks on my at all times (FOLLOW ME ON SNAPCHAT if you arn't already...@thuprah) but thats how I track how much liquids I am drinking. My goal is at least 64 oz of water each day! so good....

my current favorite water combo is strawberry + mint.

throwing a whole stick of rosemary is so good too!!!! 

Hope that helps! 

What are some of your ways to stay hydrated throughout the day?


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