sunday favorites✨ 🛁

1)@ilovemime: tahitan vanilla salt scrub (all natural ingredients you know, cruelty free, handmade in Miami with lots of love) 👙season is around the corner and exfoliating your 🍑 is major key. my skin is so soft + radiant after this scrub. 

2) @skinceuticals blemish + age defense serum. my favorite serum at the moment! not only does it handle those monthly spots well but also helps with the aging process. win win.

3) @lieracusa I love cleansing waters and this one smells like a dream and works like a charm 🌙 I want this scent in a perfume bottle!! sometimes I use it just for the scent (I'm so obsessed)

4)@glowrecipe modeling rubber mask (coolest mask,EVER😍) I've only experience this rubber mask at Korean spas! The texture is super thick...I love that you mix it yourself at leave it on your face to dry then as you're peeling it off, it's all rubber! SOOO COOL.I can't believe it's on the market, such a treat for your skin! I want to try all 5 types of Rubber Mask!