Laser Hair Removal 101 - My Very First Time // Pasadena Skin Boutique

It’s April 2016 and I just got Laser Hair Removal (LIKE —My Very First Time)l! Can we just take a second to clap for me?

So I’ve been wanting laser hair removal for the LONGEST time!! I research it, I talk about it, I’m just annoying ASF on the subject..boarder line obsessed with it to be honest!! My friends are always so annoyed and would tell me to STFU and to go through with the process already. 

I had a few concerns and no place ever checked it off for me.

In my opinion, the best way to learn about a good laser hair removal place is through a friend. A real life friend. A real life friend with excellent taste that will do you no wrong. Someone who is silky smooth + hairless like a baby. WITH REAL INCREDIBLE RESULTS. 

A few friends recommended a couple of places but they all have terrible reviews. I research like crazy, TRUST ME ON THIS. One place was so cheap it burned a girls skin and her skin is ruined for life :(   

Other places get you in with huge packages but they're machines don’t even work. It’s so painless they’re basically blowing air on your skin and taking your money. 

I don’t know about you but committing to get laser hair removal is a big deal. You’re with this place for the next 6-8 sessions! You want to invest in a place that treats you well but most importantly LEAVE YOU HAIRLESS. 

Most reviews I was reading online were basically nightmares, scams, or just first timers.

So…I recently met Ani and Arsineh and they were telling me how they just opened a new skin boutique that did laser hair removal!!!!!  I almost died. It was like the universe was sending me a freaking green light! 

So I give them a call and I asked a zillion questions (naturally) lol. 

What I really loved about Pasadena Skin Boutique is that it’s own by these two beautiful, smart, passionate women who happen to be cousins!! YES, GIRL POWER IN THE BIZ. Let’s break down some key points here:

1) Experts in the field: Ani + Arsineh have both been getting laser hair removal for years and noticed their was something personal missing in the market. They’ve both been getting laser hair removal since it first came out. Now a days there’s a laser hair removal place on every street. So not only do they know the history + process + evolution but also have been customers themselves trying so many places. 

2) Top of the line equipment: I asked them what machine they used for laser (like I even know models but you know, had to ask to do a comparison between all the different places I was interested in) and the machine at Pasadena Skin Boutique is basically the best and newest. These girls aren’t playing…you’re coming here because you did your research and you want the best service + quality. 

3) Pricing: Laser Hair Removal isn’t cheap and this was something that was holding me back also. My monthly waxes cost me around $50-60… in a year that’s $720 … I’ve been getting wax for years… I don’t even want to add that up but basically after 6-8 sessions I will not have to wax EVER in my life I CAN’T WAIT.

ok, sorry for the rant but the prices here are extremely competitive. You’re getting the best price for the quality service you’re paying. Beware of places that are too affordable where you can’t feel a thing because that might not even work! 

There’s a reason why the prices vary and the reviews are what they are. I’ve trolled all the comments on YELP.

4) It’s a boutique: it’s so cute and personable.. doesn’t feel like a cold doctors office where all the girls are being ushered in and out like it was claire’s on a Saturday (remember how this was the only place to get your ears pierced at the mall?)

Ok so those things really won me over so I make an appointment to come in to get it done.

Important things to remember:

YOU MUST SHAVE the areas you want to get lasered. 

I don’t shave the kitty down there. I get Brazilian waxes on the reg. My underarms I pluck. I hate shaving because I hate the way the hair grows back! Plucky and waxing lasts longer and the hairs are much thinner.

When you decide to get laser hair removal you have to shave!!! YOU HAVE TO SHAVE. 

The way the laser machine picks up and burns the hair follicle if by the freshly shaved hair. When you pluck or wax you pull the entire hair follicle out so the machine can’t zap it. So don’t book a wax appointment then get laser ….you’re wasting time and money.

You need to grow your hair out then shave it right before your appointment. It’s important that you don’t wear deodorant or lotion, leave the area clean and bare.

The area that you’re planning to get laser shouldn't be exposed to the sun, don’t do taking before your appointment!

Before my procedure I had a FaceTime doctor’s appointment where he asked me really important questions and cleared me to get laser! I loved that! Safety is really important here!

I love how knowledgeable my nurse was too! She was so sweet and made me relax and feel really comfortable. I felt like I walked in clueless and walked out a freaking expert!

It’s been a week since my appointment and I’ve only shaved once!! I already could tell a freaking difference! I can’t wait for my next session!!

Here are some videos + photos from my session.

Seriously. If you babes are in the market for laser hair removal Pasadena Skin Boutique is the JAM!!! It’s located in the cutest courtyard, there’s a target across the street (for weekend errands you know) and a garage where you can park and they validate parking for you!! 

Check these babes out!! If you tell them I sent you, they’ll hook you up :)


Pasadena Skin Boutique 

696 E Colorado Blvd

Ste 220

Pasadena, CA 91101

(626) 432-1880