photographer kelsey fugere

one of the coolest feelings in the world is seeing your friend's vision come to life.

kelsey and I started at the same company together / entry level / ground zero / super green / straight out of college status. 

we were clueless starting out & had some incredible people take a shot on us.

we've created some really cool things together! all the beauty catalogs/magazine she shot at our old company, I produced. we were the youngest on the team but we always just knew what we wanted. 

we've gone through similar creative struggles and just get each-other. creating with kelsey is sooooo easy + fun. we use to do a bunch of test shoots together all the time & always loved those photos more than anything. she lives down the street from me and I've never been to her place until recently. Los Angeles is such a strange place sometimes! 

luckily we recently linked up again & took these shots after work one night.... kind of late! there was no plan we just wanted to create together again. it was just her and I in her apartment studio playing and catching up. 

could you believe it? we created these really dope images with just us two?  she's soooooo talented it blows my mind!! and just watching her grow this year was really inspiring. we both said we wanted to freelance and she jumped ship waaaaaay before I did.

kelsey has shot SO MANY cool campaigns and is always creating the coolest photos. 

you just need the right formula and anything could happen!

if you guys aren't following kelsey on instagram you should!


also, here's her beautiful website:

if anyone is looking for a dope photographer Kelsey is your girl. get in touch with her!! doesn't hurt that she's such an incredible human either!! love you kelsey! so so sooo proud of you!