friday feels

hiiii i'm back + happy friday :)

a couple of days off the blog was much needed! I have my hands dipped in a lot of projects and was just feeling burnt out and extremely exhausted. the last thing I want to do after a 12 hour day is to force blog. it was feeling like a chore and that's not what I want this space to be. 

I want everything I do to have intent. If I'm not into it I'm not doing it. 

my blog is my place to express myself through photos, stories, and just create freely.

my happy place!

so during my time off I went to see my girl @hairbygiovanna for a fresh cut + color. the last time my hair was colored was in July 2015 when I left for North Carolina. I was long overdue! My hair was disgustingggggggg. I'm never going that long again without freshening up these locks. this is the lightest I've ever been and I absolutely LOVE IT SO MUCH. 

this was my end goal color and she got me there! insane how every-time I see her she gets better and better. how can someone be SO DAMN GOOD?!

this is not sponsored. if you lurk through my instagram giovanna has been doing my hair since 2013. she's the bessssssst. I always get compliments on my color and it's all her work. 

if you babes are looking for a fresh color/cut/ any hair needs you should contact her!

Get in touch with Giovanna:


She's at @IndustryDTLA 

Bookings 310-384-7810 

113 E 8th St, Los Angeles, CA 90015

you guys know I hate wearing pants and shoes. LOL. I guess it's the Asian in me... I love open toe shoes + dresses year round. even when it's "cold" out in california. 

rompers are low key annoying to wear during festivals especially if you have multiple articles on. it's a porta potty nightmare if you have a flannel wrapped around your waist + romper on. 

the music is blasting, you're trying to focus so you can pee, you're trying not to touch anything, people are rushing you, the heat and smell...ohhhhhh I can go on!

anyways-- if you're having just a regular day at the office a romper is perfect! LOL you don't have to think about putting two things favorite! or school...possibly a date (w a heel tho) it's so easy and fun! 

love this romper because of the material and pattern. I'm ready out the door in the morning within 20 minutes. loooooove.

a lazygirl's dream.


romper is from topshop

photos: Aaron Requena

don't sleep on Aaron Requena. he's crazy talented.