SPINHEELKICKPODCAST: another chapter in my story

THANK YOU RAJ for inviting me on your PODCAST and giving me this space to share my story.

This is the first time I'm sharing this chapter of my story. It's really personal. Not many people know it, I don't even think most of my friends even know this. I grew up with a lot of people who always made excuses. Made poor decisions then used their excuse, or made NO DECISION AT ALL and used their excuse. I hated that. ABSOLUTELY HATED IT.

Life is hard as fuck. We all struggle. The struggle is not always about money. Divorced parents, death in the family, self worth, self love, mental illness (depression + anxiety), cultural set backs, underprivileged community with no resources or role models, single parent homes ….the list goes on. WE ALL HAVE A STORY & WE’VE ALL BEEN THROUGH SOME PRETTY CRAZY SHIT.

Everyone does. EVERYONE.

The most important thing is HOW you grew through your hardships. Your hardship shapes + motivates you but it doesn’t define who you are. It’s what you make of yourself through all your life experiences that matter.

Your hardship is shit in the past. (If you’re going through it now, know that you’re GROWING through it) SO WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO TODAY TO SHAPE YOUR FUTURE?! 

That’s my main focus. Stop using your past as an excuse I don’t want to fucking hear it. 

Talk less and do more. 

Quick side bar story time: My best friend who is in grad school AND just got into MEDICAL SCHOOL grew up with a single mom raising three kids on her own. She never once ever used that as an excuses for anything. You wouldn’t even know unless you were her best friend for 5 years (me). In college we never cried or talked about our disadvantages we were too busy working,grinding and graduating. 

I hated using my disadvantages as a clutch through life.

I was never ashamed of where I came from or that part of my life but I wanted to wait until now to tell my story. I wanted to prove that you can overcome adversity, become who you want without ever using your sob story. Take that with a grain of salt.

I grew up with so many people just throwing their sob stories left and right and never doing a damn thing about it. 

My story was my power.

Enjoy the podcast.

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