Can you write about how you got into beauty/entertainment?

More blog posts, please! Can you write about how you got into beauty/entertainment?

Hi! Thanks for your comment/question :)

Have you seen the movie, Slumdog Millionaire? How all the events add up to one particular moment in time and how that worked/played out.

That's essentially how I got into beauty + entertainment.

This story gets a little confusing so I will try my best to stay organized! Feel free to ask any questions in the comment box :) I would love to hear from you!

Ok, the story:

First, I want to start off by saying that I truly believe in the universe and it's vibrations. We're all balls of energy(spiritually) that touches one another and bounce back and forth.  The universe is always listening and what type of energy (thoughts/wishes) you put'll get back.

(sidebar: my favorite book is creative visualization by shakti gawain // get it on amazon)

So I've always dreamt/wished/knew that a 9-5 job after college wasn't for me. It's not in my DNA. No shade to anyone with a fantastic 9-5 with great benefits / PPO insurance/ gym membership and XYZ but I knew that there was more to what I wanted to be when I grew up. 

ok quick mini story (I'm already getting off topic--shit sorry but this is important)

growing up I always felt different and I didn't know how to express myself. I learned the english language pretty late which didn't really help either. I remember being asked what I wanted to be when I grew up and I thought the options was wack as hell. I didn't want to be any of them. 

I was interested in improving the toys I played with. I wanted playdough to improve their formula so after you leave the pieces out for a bit and returned, you wouldn't get ROCKS OF COLOR. I wanted themes like McDonalds ice cream cone + other things! (I think they have it now)

I was always collaborating, designing, thinking of other things before I knew what those terms meant.

I have always loved makeup. it's something I am so passionate about and really fucking good at. I can't explain it. You know men and their sports? knowing teams, players, coaches, plays, stats who went to college where, who made what last year.

well...not only do I know all that information in the makeup world (brands, trends, who owns who, releases, products, colors) but I also can play the game. Like Steph Curry. LOL.

that's how I would explain my love + skills in the makeup world to anyone who's asking. No only do I know but I am also really good at doing makeup! 

so my dream after college was to be a TV HOST. it's a very ex-beauty queen/model want to be actress profession but I loved presenting things. LOL all those years watching Vanna White as a kid. I knew I loved people, loved asking question and wanted to bring the story in another way. I always had something to say and wanted a platform to speak. here I go again wanting to change/improve something thats already out there. 

idk I think all the hosts were very vanilla (not a racist remark but very cookie cuter plain whatever ya know) I just felt like my group of friends and I weren't represented in the media. 

and no I don't only have Asian friends. In Chicago I was the only Asian kid, everyone was black or white. I moved to California and all my friends were Asian or Mexican immigrants. I moved away to college and my room mate was latina, best friend Nigerian and Caitlin-well she's white but is my twin soul. 

still being an Asian girl on TV you were either nerdy, overly sexy or didn't speak english. I don't relate. I think that's lame as fuck and so limiting. Why can't someone like me with my background and passion be on TV. So... my goal of wanting to make some waves and love for people developed into being a TV HOST.

Ok... hope you're still with me!

So another passion of mine is music. 

And p.s you can have as many dreams,goals, jobs, passions and best-friends as you please. Don't let anyone limit you to things that all add up to who you are! DON'T FORGET THAT. music + film. I have always loved music & love music videos. I remember watching Michael Jackson growing up and was just fascinated. His music, his moves, and most importantly...his MUSIC VIDEOS!!!! 

this music video did it for me. everything about it. the magic it brought to my life. watch 5:27 to the end

this was real magic. it captivated and sparked something inside of me I knew I wanted to create this when I grew up. this is what I wanted to be when I grew up.


Landing MTV's TRL was my DREAM!!!! But the year I graduated college (2012) was the same year MTV closed down -___- WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. FUCK.

This was my dream job. Being who I am. Hosting.Talking about Music. Talking about music videos. 


ok so plan b: celebrity news.

E! News was my goal after college.

In college I worked two jobs, had an internship + school... I was really fucking busy. YouTube was blowing up in's finally catching heat from companies and people are realizing the power in the community. For my college graduation instead of a trip overseas I begged my dad for a DSLR. BEGGED. I never ask my parents for anything. So my dad hooked me up with a canon rebel t2i which I still have today! 

My plan after college while finding a full time job was to pursue beauty blogging/vlogging. After graduation I was completely free. I was down to one job and I wasn't going to stay in San Diego and work at my restaurant job. It didn't make sense for me to stay. It was time to bounce.  I filmed my very first YouTube video on the floor of my bedroom on a box (all my things were packed)...overnight it gained 1,000 views ORGANIC. I had no clue where the views were coming from it was overwhelming!!! 

So I filmed my second video and then stopped creating. I was so focused on getting a big girl job after college and moving out of San Jose I didn't make time for this anymore. 

(I moved back home after college to save rent money + save up for my L.A move)

anyways.. job hunting after college was such an experience. applying to 100 jobs a day, no luck, getting desperate, lowering your standards...omg I could go on but let's not.

so.... I was sitting at starbucks with my bestfriend and saw a job posting. 

it was everything I am good at and wanted in a job all mixed together perfectly in this listing.

I re-read the damn thing probably a hundred times and thought I was actually going crazy from applying and job hunting so much.

everything they were asking for. I could do. I could do in my damn fucking sleep.

ok.. soooooooooo. there was one catch. the requirement was a makeup artist of 10 years. 

I looked over to my best-friend and was screaming(yea inside of a starbucks at 2pm in San Jose,CA)... I FOUND MY DREAM JOB WOULDN'T IT BE CRAZY IF I GOT THIS. ITS MADE FOR ME. THIS IS ME. 

I fucking said those words. I MEANT IT. I PUT THAT SHIT OUT THERE (for the universe). it came from my heart. every word.

I debated if I should apply or not. I didn't have 10 years as a makeup artist. but what I did know was I love/understood makeup better than anyone I knew. I loved makeup the way Jordan loved basketball.  lol sorry ladies I gotta help the dudes who are reading this too, hahah.

the job was a beauty host/producer

so hosting (my dream job after college, being completely myself and presenting) + makeup (something I was good at from birth, lol) + producing (making the videos) were mashed together and presented to me.


so I applied. part of the requirement was a makeup artist (I worked at Urban Decay Cosmetics as a makeup artist one summer) + I can do makeup really fucking good cos it's my talent, youtuber or example of hosting reel (thank-god I filmed those two videos moving out of SD they had decent views--I used this as part of my application--and the Sr.Producer who casted me--remembered this video for some reason. PRETTY CRAZY..this video helped me be memorable in the process) I was fearless in my pursuit. I knew the chances were slim and close to none but loved it in a way that it overpowered my decision at that moment. 

getting the job was a process. a very long process. it took about two months (maybe even longer), that's a separate blog post if you guys want to hear let me know. I auditioned (drove 6 hours to audition btw...thought I did terrible), got a call back, made it to the final rounds... I was a nervous wreck. This is a photo from the final rounds! if you guys saw this video you would LOL. 

this was sept 2012! 

buuuuuutttt. the job ended up being molded to fit me + my personality and what I could bring to the team. it's not a regular job. I was really lucky + worked my ass off. so many incredible people gave me that opportunity but at the same time I had to work hard to prove myself and grow.

So that was my first HUGE opportunity after college! Remember what I told you about being good at multiple things and not limiting yourself to things that make you happy/add up to who you are?

every job since then has been created for me or with me based on my skills. I kid you not. None of my jobs has been conventional (I work in the creative field).

I also work in a space that is really new. So new that companies have a hard time understanding. 

people ask me allllllll the time what I do for a living and I can't give you one answer because I do multiple things. 

here's my rule: if someone cuts you a check for a specific talent you can add that to your resume. you're official.

if you model on instagram and someone pays you. you're a model.

if you produce content and someone pays you. you're a content producer.

if someone pays you to take their photos, you're a photographer. etc.

a few things I do since so many of you are curious. let me just answer them here: 

#1) Host + Producer : I work in beauty + food. Editorial/Food Web Series. I write, research, cast, direct, create video content for brands. I make videos. From the concept to the hiring process to the posting online. I'm hands on with the entire process.  You can watch some of the videos I make/host in below:




#2) Social Media Specialist: I run a couple of social media accounts for my clients. I create, monitor, and manage all content.

#3) Casting/Recruiting: I connect, cast, and hire a lot of people behind the scenes! I have a great eye for talent!! 

#4) Creative Direction: Photo + Video shoots / coming up with the concept + hiring talent and making an incredible end product. 

#5) Writer/Blogger: people pay me to write for them. LOL it's true. I'm a fucking writer (you can judge the quality all you want but someone cuts me a check)

I hope that answered your question!! It's pretty crazy that all those things in my life lead to me that moment of landing my dream job after college. It was everything I ever wanted and dreamt of. But at the same time, I was ready for all those things! 

You don't have to limit yourself and all the things you're good when it comes to a career. You can monetize all your skills. FIND A WAY. GET CREATIVE. have patience. You can definitely have it all, just not all at the same time. LOL My advice would to always be sharpening your skills. ALWAYS. make sure you're constantly growing with it and evolving.

be ready at all times. you never know when an opportunity will pop off.

LUCK = preparation meets opportunity. 

make sure you love it. there's going to be times where there's no pay. but if you love what you do enough the pay and everything else will come. if you can't find it now, DONT GIVE UP. I'm sooooo lucky and have really incredible friends who help me keep my fire lit. I'm not going to lie, there are hard ass times in the creative field. jumping from job to job but I've never been happier doing what I love. What I'm so damn good at.

That's the crazy thing. Getting the opportunity to do what you absolutely love and get paid for it. It's real and it's out there. Don't be afraid. It's ok to not want to do what everyone else is doing and it's ok to be different. 

It's important to create opportunities for yourself and know that you can!

So don't be afraid to ask the universe for all the things you really hard and when the right opportunity presents itself, go out there and make your fucking mark!