blogger spotlight with @dhcskincare

EPPPPPPPPPPPPP blogger spotlight with @DHCSKINCARE. where do I beginnnnnnn. I guess from the beginning!

so back in 2012 when I first started hosting videos for DermStore I remember doing research on products that just were interesting to me. the first time I ever used DHC's Cleansing oil I was struggling with adult acne and didn't want to put this anywhere near my face, LOL! 

here's the video:

(lol remember this was in 2013 and that's all I gotta say)

I fell in love with how simple yet effective this cleanser was for my complexion!! It broke down all my makeup without breaking my skin out or making it oily (real fear).

I then fell in love with the blotting sheets then the Liquid EX liner. When DHC reached out and asked if I would be interested in being apart of their blogger spotlight I hit them with the OMG I LOVE YOUR BRAND like a true fan girl ;)

I felt like this was long overdue and it came full circle... 3/4 years later!!

SO SO SO happy about this because I absolutely love the brand, the products..and the cherry on top was all the amazing people behind it. The room was filled with the coolest most genuine women in beauty. 

I had a true I LOVE MY JOB moment from when I flew out of BURBANK to SFO and got picked up in a black car in San Francisco and stayed at Mark Hopkins Hotel (best breakfast btw) here's the view from my room:

that SF AM vibes:

filming the interview (my favorite thing in the world is video)

amy was magical! we did three looks that day! 

it was cool loving these products back in 2012, making a video for DHC in 2013, and then being flown to SF for blogger spotlight in 2016 INSANE. I love you DHC and all the beautiful souls behind the brand. you guys inspire me to be my authentic self.


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hair + makeup: Amy (follow her on IG)