gifts for bae

or brother. or dad. or crush. or hot professor. 

these are some gift ideas for the men in your life. 

(hi babe if you're reading this I already got your Christmas present and it's not on this listttttt x )

ah. the holidays. the gifts. don't stress out boo, I got you. you're in the right place.

now let's talk presents / gifts / things.  you don't have to have a bunch of $$$ to buy a good gift. gifting something special that can make someone's day should be the focus. my boyfriend and I get each other little cute gifts all the time - randomly (thanks amazon prime) and they're all super thotful and make my day each time. he's the best :) some items on this list I've already gotten we're obsessed with each other but I'll save that post for another day.

#1) replenish his favorite basics // supreme tagless black tees (pack of 3) // HERE

#2) new underwear with matching socks (regular+low cuts) // the weekend package from related garments // HERE

ladies - our men love fresh clean underwear too! I really love related garments because they make shopping for dudes simple AF. who doesn't want matching boxer briefs and socks, lol. if your man wears chucks he needs low cut socks anyways so getting new underwear and regular socks to match is pretty genius. its makes shopping for underwear really fun (only I would think + say that)! you can sign up for the subscription or just buy as you go! 

I got Adam this set + it comes with the garment washable bag so when you travel you don't lose your dirty clothes. win win win.

#3) good hair product // baxter of California - Clay Pomade // HERE

I didn't know this until I got a boyfriend but dudes be spending time on their hair. It looks like a simple put product in my hair then run a brush through it but it's an art form and without the right product it won't happen. 

hair pomade is the move. get bae this one

#4) the best shoes I've ever owned. // NIKE Flyknit Racer // HERE

these are the best shoes ever. whether they're into sneakers or not they will appreciate these because I can work a long 12+ hour production day and not want to cut my feet off at the end of the day!! I've had 10 hour travel days in these and felt like I wasn't wearing anything on my feet.  if you don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend, GET THESE FOR YOURSELF. I'm telling you. these changed the game for me. huge brownie points.

#5) ART // Jean Andre @je_andre // HERE

Jean Andre is dope AF and one of my favorites. I can't wait to get a huge piece for Adam's place when he moves (he gave me the green light + I volunteered myself that I'm decorating, heheeheheh). pick an artist that your man likes and get something made for him. or you and him, lol.

#6) a good read // The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho // HERE

you always want to elevate your partner and open different doors together + individually. I love a good read + some inspiration.

#7) hydroflask. // HERE

I've owned /used/ lost many water bottles in my lifetime. I've had fancy glass bottles, I've had cheap free bottles, I've had fruit infused options but nothing compares to my Hydroflask.  I've had it with me everyday and havn't lost it since the day I got it!!!! (thats when you know you've found the one lol)

I love drinking ice water. This keeps your water cold for up to 24 hours and hot up to 6 hours (perfect for teas/coffees). It fits in my cup holder in my car, it fits my ice cubes, it helps me drink water, it saved me on so many flights!! 

seriously gifting someone a simple water bottle seems small but its one of my favorite gifts I've gotten this year (thanks to my @ONEDOWNDOG family + emily)


#8) clothes from @9:53am // HERE

your man is special. items from 9:53am are special. I'm so into this brand rn. they have the dopest pieces from Canada and just get me. I have a couple of items from their line and can't wait to wear them now that it's a little colder. I get asked all the time where my hoodie is from. there pieces are very unique + curated to perfection.  

I hope that helped!! remember it's not always about the item. it's about the thought and love you put behind it.

happy holidays 



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