glowing from within @amalabeauty

beauty starts with you. you define what it means. 

for me, beauty is a feeling within. how I view myself, how I treat myself, how I carry myself, how I treat others.

I feel the most beautiful when I'm glowing. when I'm radiating from the inside out! there are a couple of little treasures that help bring this glow out of me...

#1) amala's rejuvenating serum - I've talked about this in my previous blog post about investing in yourself. it's funny how some things change. I used to trade skincare products for lipsticks/mascaras all the time. now I'm ALL ABOUT SKINCARE. we're all going to age eventually and it's a beautiful thing but I'm not in a hurry, lol! having an innovative item in your skin care regimen is crucial to how you prolong the aging process. this rejuvenating serum bring the glow from within.

it hydrates dull/dry skin + brings back that subtle feeling we're all looking for when our skin just needs extra love. you know how your skin feels like after a weekend of drinking or eating too many salt + vinegar chips? or how your skin looks after a business trip?!

this serum will bring you back to life no matter where your skin's current state is. more hydration, improvement in fine lines + wrinkles, more firmness! yes yes + yesssssss.

MORE benefits (via @amalabeauty):
Cocoa Bean: helps stimulate microcirculation while restoring elasticity and providing antioxidant protection from free radical age damage.
Acerola: contains the highest content of Vitamin C among all fruits. Also helps stimulate collagen production and reduce the look of hyperpigmentation.
Green Algae: helps stimulate collagen production and smooth fine lines while providing antioxidant protection.

#2) two stones I leave on my bedside table: rose quartz + pyrite // I believe we're all balls of energy and I love to keep positive people and positive energies around me. these stones picked me when I was in the store! pretty cool..

rose quartz: Rose Quartz is a beautiful pink healing stone and is known as the stone of unconditional love. It both attracts love to those who carry it or wear it and teaches self-love. It is said to be good for asthma, infertility, reducing swelling, hypertension, bruises, and sciatica. Rose Quartz calms and heals the mind, allowing you to let go of worry and fear. It is good for healing old emotional wounds and prepares you for future love.

pyrite: (as a blogger and someone who's pretty public online I get a lot of hate comments. it's nothing new. mostly from insecure girls + guys I'm not interested in....I remember this week being a tough one and I found this stone at the perfect time) Iron Pyrite is an excellent choice for blocking unwanted negative energy and pollutants. This is a very positive stone and gives you a feeling of self-worth stimulating a steady flow of ideas. It is thought to be good for anxiety, and for those who need to be more assertive in their everyday life. It improves memory and boosts energy levels helping you to overcome fatigue. 

so the secret here is to feel beauty all around you. from within and from the beauty products you choose to bring into your life/skin care regimen. once you feel it within and find the right product (like this killer serum) you can't stop the glow.