thankful + grateful

not only today but everyday!! try this: right when you hop into bed each night turn your phone off. then for 5 minutes just lay there in your thoughts and think about:

2 things you're grateful for 

example (legit this is how I talk to myself):

I am thankful for my set & flow yoga unlimited membership because it helps me with my attitude. I feel less overwhelmed. I feel happy and proud that I am doing something for myself.... for my mind and for my body and for my health

I am grateful for three silly little sisters who are my lifelong best friends. I can't imagine a life without them. our nightly face-time calls light up my day. 

1 career goal: I really want to work with Vitamix after Thanksgiving Holiday 

1 future vacation: leaving the U.S with Adam. lol // ok my dream date (I can't tell you details because I need Conde Nast Traveler or Vice or someone to film us, LOL someone with a travel show holla at me I got a killer treatment for an episode) 

1 wild dream/thought/wish: I can't say either but it's in my dream notebook and I tell Vivian and Adam this daily lol. go ask them. 

1 thing about yourself that you're really proud of: I would do anything for my friends. I am really proud of my friendships. 

---try this every night and just give yourself 5 minutes to be all deep in your thoughts. we're so consumed with our phones and other people's lives that we sometimes forget to talk to ourselves and show ourself love and words of wisdom. don't forget about your needs and your goals and the things that make you happy.

love you guys. wishing you the warmest days off. stay full. send love. take lots of photos. and plzzzzzz no fighting k?


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