winter hair

let’s chat about my current hair routine. as the weather is dropping, my skin is getting flakey again. I had to bust out my humidifier today! with that said, it was also time to switch out my hair routine to cope with the weather! 

shampoo + conditioner:

ouai haircare: repair shampoo + repair conditioner 

jen atkin dropped the most beautiful haircare line and I’m so excited I got my hands on her repair series. my hair is super dry from all the heat styling I do + I get it colored so any help I could get repairing it. Sign me up!!

the first thing I’ve noticed when I got this set was the difference in size! the shampoo bottle is bigger than the conditioner. I’m more of the reverse! More conditioner, less shampoo. LOL because you know I only wash my hair 1 x 2 times a week! 

the next thing I couldn’t get over is the fragrance!!!!!!!!!!! if you’ve ever used leonor greyl or oribe you know they both have a signature intoxicating scent that leaves you breathless wanting more. I was so impressed with both the shampoo and conditioner! (each product has its own unique fragrance) 

I have an experience in the shower every time I wash my hair! The shampoo has a sheer & airy flory/ musky scent it’s so light you barley notice it until you add the conditioner and then it’s a full blown “I’m in paris with roses under the eiffel tower with a bottle of champagne and my lover” moment. 

The older I get, the more I appreciate little details/moments that bring joy to my life. Like washing my hair with top of the line shampoo/conditioner. 

After the first wash my hair was so incredibly soft and I had such a beautiful scent to me, it was heaven.  I was addicted to the way it made me feel. 

Both the shampoo + conditioner is formulated without paragons and animal testing. it repairs damage from chemicals, color and heat. also protects your color!

I leave the conditioner on for about 5 minutes as I’m shaving my legs and exfoliating my body.


davines - alchemic conditioner silver

this purple hair masks keeps my blonde / balayage bright and not brassy. be careful that you don’t overuse this because it’s a little drying. it keeps your blonde icy but your hair isn’t too soft. so use this purple mask as a color treatment and switch between a nourishing/hydrating mask in your routine.

oribe- gold lust - nourishing hair oil (travel size)

I can’t finish off my hair look without a killer oil. On lazy days this goes on right after my shower and then my hair is in braids for the rest of the day. I’m obsessed with this because the jasmine oil helps combat dry + itch scalp and enhances shine plus the signature scents makes me fall in love with myself lol. I love that it comes in two sizes, one for your restroom one for travel/bae’s restroom :)

T3 - Whirl Trio

I dreamt of a set like this. My hair is in waves 85% of the time. Not all curlers are made the same. This T3 Whirl Trio gets the thumbs up from me. I have two friends who I’d buy this for right now!! This set is incredible. You could leave for a 2 week trip and have 10 different hair styles just this Trio alone. Hollywood waves, beachy waves, anhco tran style waves, shirley temple curls, basically any waves you see on Instagram you can create using this trio.

There are a couple important things I look for in a curler that deserves shelf space in my bathroom. (my bathroom is a sephora, not all things make it there - only A1 products)

#1) lasting curls

sometimes girls would tell me their hair doesn't hold curl. well sometimes it’s not your hair - it’s the curler you have! my curls lasts all day using T3.

#2) innovation 

This set comes with three interchangeable barrels and the quality of the wand is never compromise! sometimes with sets I get a little nervous but each barrel felt like it's own tool. You can create so many different types of curls. Also I love the design of the wand, the color is so sleek and it'll look great on your counter and when you travel.

#3) easy to use

super easy to use, super easy to change, super easy to be in and out with the curls that you want.

I could talk about hair all day!! What are some of your winter hair favorites right now?!