investment piece: the perfect carry-on from @awaytravel

ahhhhhhhhhhh life. things. moments. purchases.

I'm turning a year older in a couple of weeks and I spent all 2016 counting my blessings and thinking about my next destination/adventure. If you guys follow me on Instagram you know I travel a bunch. I lived in North Carolina last summer, I covered seven events in six cities in five weeks for StubHub this May/June. I was living out of a suitcase those five weeks. 

Traveling is not for the weak. Time changes, long flights, you're away from your friends + family...sometimes you overpacked and you're all alone LOL (can you blame me? I needed at least 30 diff outfits... lol)

I live to move, to explore, to always be learning, to eat my way through cities. It's when I feel most alive. 

Ok so my birthday + my love for travel + reflecting on my future self brings me to this very blog post. you should always be investing in yourself. buying yourself trips/vacations/experiences, buying yourself a cooking class from @EATzLA. now that I'm a year older-ish-almost...I made a promise to myself that I would invest in life long purchases that I'm proud to have. 

for example: owning the perfect carry-on from @away

owning the perfect carry-on will change your life and the way you travel. 

I never really cared about my suitcase up until this year when I was consistently on the road. I normally would be ok with my $60 suitcase from T.J Maxx tbh (hear my out...this was me my whole life until this year lol) so back to my old life... I wouldn't even pick a suitcase I was crazy about at T.J Maxx, I was settling from the start. I was looking for size, price, then color. 

I loved every single suitcase @away carried. the design is simple yet you feel cute af walking through the airport. It's insane how much this suitcase changed the way I traveled. 

#1) you walk a little different when you LOVE the suitcase you have. 

#2) it's the PERFECT size. ok... so when I got this I was a little nervous because @away just dropped the bigger carry on size so I was worried I got the wrong one ...well because you know I like to overpack and carry more than I need. this carry-on is perfection! I've tested it on multiple flights and multiple airplanes. REAL QUICK: don't be that traveler that tries to stuff their OVERSIZED bag into the upper bins and then hold up the line then act mean to the flight attendants that their OVERSIZED bag didn't fit. 

if you guys ever flown out of BURBANK you know we don't get the normal 737...the planes are much smaller and this carry on fits!!!!

also- they have a great 100 day return policy so you don't have to worry about not finding what you're looking for.


yes. any USB... you can charge things and you never have to worry about finding an outlet or your portable battery dying or your phone dying and not finding an UBER. 

#4) compresses + laundry bag

comes with a reusable laundry bag that can hold wet things (wouldn't suggest this...but you get the power it holds) + you can compress things and bring more clothes lol! (THE LAUNDRY BAG IS REALLY COOL!!!!)

#5) 2 compartments + a hard shell (no snuffs)

packing is super easy!! one side for all your toiletries and one side for clothes with all the right pockets to hide stuff, lol

#6) TSA - approved lock 

just in case

#7) best wheels // easy to run with and carry (lol)

ok real quick again. the rule of thumb when you're traveling is to only bring what you can carry. you have to imagine if there is no one to help could carry it? I was on my way back from NYC throwing up and being sick AF... I got dropped off at the wrong American Airline terminal so I had to take a shuttle to the right one and they made me exit downstairs through a backway and I had to carry this all on my own. I'm happy this was small and I couldn't fit anything else because it was just perrrrrfeccccttttt

If you've ever wondered why anyone would spend $$$ on suitcases know that there's good reason. It's an investment piece that will add so much value to your life. Whether you travel all the time or only once a year invest in yourself :)

s/o to @away for changing the game!


photos: taken in NYC by derek cuellar // follow him on instagram:

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