Q+A (how to get free product/ + lots of blogging questions)

@rheallyson hit me with some blog questions and I thought they were really good and could help some of you babes out so I'm sharing the answers here.


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Do you follow a content calendar and is it beneficial?

I do! I think having a content calendar keeps you inspired, on track, and organized. I make sure I mix my branded content with photos and music so it’s not a week straight of just products. Visually seeing what you’re about to produce for the month really helps. I don’t stick with it because if something cool pops I move some things around!

My tip for anything in life is to be prepared. The more prepared you are, the easier your life will be. For example…buying/prepping/bringing snacks on a long travel day takes time + sucks and you have other things that are equally important but on the travel day itself because you're prepared you’re not stuck with shitty airport food and being hangry and weak.

The more you plan your content calendar the easier it will be for ideas to flow and you won’t feel so overwhelmed with real life, work, relationships and your full time blogging hobby because this shit is FULL TIME. 

How do you stay consistent if you're still going to school and work?

GOOGLE CALENDAR and NO MORE EXCUSES. welcome to adult hood where things aren’t going to slow down. there are no more summer vacations. I sit down on a Sunday and do all my content for the week! Also when my friends are out turning up or chilling after work on weeknights I'm working on my blog after the day job. you get what you put in. if you’re all talk and just make a million excuses as to why you can’t / you’re never get to where you want to be. 

self discipline and giving yourself a schedule on google calendar really helps. I have my workouts planned before work and blogging after and on Sundays. I literally will have in my google calendar deadlines on my postings! write a to-do list. see what you need to get done for the week and then prioritize. 

What's your advice for starting YouTube?

to start and not compare yourself to others. remember that no one is you.

start with your iPhone. start with nothing. start with the worst editing skills you can cultivate. BUT START. because it’s easy to make excuses to why you can’t. how are you going to get better and grow if you never start? 


What's your take on the "Digital Space" and using it to your advantage?

growing up my mom always judged me based on the friends I kept around. now at 26 I see the impact on having lame friends around. I got rid of a couple of girls that were whack. you want to keep your circle with people who inspire you to be better and push you to go after your dreams. 

are the people with their own companies still smoking weed in their mom's garage? pay attention to the friends you keep around you. what are they all doing? also hanging out with people who are always talk and never about anything really isn’t inspiring.

the digital space could get a little depressing at times. everyone wants to take the same photos or value themselves on their numbers/etc but just like friends I curate the content I want to see and what inspires me. there’s a lot of amazing photographer’s on instagram that have developed their own style that I love to follow. I get inspired to eat and travel through the digital space.

everything is a long term game to me. true talent will always get it’s recognition eventually. really push yourself as a creator and don’t focus on being popular. trends fade and people can only fake it for so long. if you’re in this for the long game it’s just a matter of time.

use the digital space as your linkedin. every piece of content you put up could be a potential resume for a future employer. network with other creatives who inspire you. build your network. I won a Stubhub contest through my blogging! anything is possible but you gotta work on it everyday! use any chance you get to showcase your talents.

What's your advice for keeping your audience interested in your blog?

try everything and pay attention to the content that does well on your blog and try to create around that. listening to your audience is really important. I spend time meeting a lot of people and trying to use real life inspirations when I create. 

How do you reach out to companies to get discount codes or affiliate codes or free goods to review?

alright let’s talk about free goods real quick. Working as a social media manager but also being a blogger I understand both sides when it comes to influencer marketing. 

I had a really insta famous 17 year old once email me saying he wanted free glasses then attached a screen shot and "sent from iphone". you don't want to be that kid. 

free good aren’t FREE. they cost money. just like how your time cost money right?

it costs money to make the goods then to ship it to you. when you’re emailing a brand for “FREE” product you have to think of this as an even exchange. sometimes if you’re a big enough blogger you could get paid to get a sponsorship. anyways- back to free. don’t just ask for free product. that’s boring. 100,000 other bloggers are asking for free shit.

be smart. be different. start acting like a business instead of a spoiled uninformed blogger (those are the worst)

prove to brands that you’re worth the shot. what kind of content can you deliver? when? what are your stats? if this a fair exchange for them? pitch this in your email. what can you do for the brand?

when I started out free product was the last thing on my list. I focused on my content and my writing voice and my photography. I wanted to develop my own style. I wanted to create content that was helpful and that I was proud of. the free stuff came after ;)

a lot of times social media managers and PR reps would see my instagram and reach out from there! tag brands when you’re writing about them! also PR emails are super helpful. 

alright babes. send in more questions if you have them. I'd be happy to answer them all. I really hope this helped!