earn it

earn / accomplish / live every dream you've ever had in this lifetime.

stop waiting around for the right time. it's never going to be the right time. 

go chase it.

I write down everything I want in my dream notebook. i.e my vitamix (took two years to get btw) a new mattress (just got it last week! WOO!)  qualities that are important in a partner, perks within my dream job, how much money I want put away in my savings, yearly goals, weekly goals, little reminders, my dream bathroom.

I write it all down big or small.

I think some of you guys are so afraid of even going there. Thinking about what you truly want down to each detail. It's not that scary.

Start visualizing your future. How many kids do you want? What is your master bath going to look like?

(mine will have a bath tub + rainforest shower and a heated towel rack lol - to start)

I write how much I want my next offer letter to be and all the perks that goes with it.

write down all the details. how much is your base pay? how much do you take home after taxes each check? how many vacation days? do you get to work from home? is there free snacks and lunches? how long do you have to wait for health care? is there 401k matching? will you get a bonus? how much? 

do you get a new computer or use your own? what about a company phone?


you deserve it. read these goals to yourself every night.



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