self love, self care, and self discipline.

I know myself. I know that I like to finish all my harder tasks first. I know that I'm a morning person. I know that I love my sleep + naps. I know that feeling good about myself is very important. I know that I love the way I look when I work out and take good care of myself. I know that physical exercise helps me with my attitude and I'm more vibrant when I work out daily. I know that I have a lot on my plate. I know that I'm always working and don't have much free time.

for me if I don't work out before work / the start of my day my PM workouts will be half assed and a waste of my time. I hate getting home past 8pm! It's really hard for me to eat dinner and work on my blog because it'll be already bedtime 9pm - after dinner + my shower / unpacking to pack again for the next day.

working full time, blogging, and just being human (feeding yourself, washing your hair, going to the doctors/dentist) is just exhausting AF. I found that using google calendar really saves my life. 

I get to see how crazy my week is with workouts in the AM + work events in the PM and time to blog and hit deadlines in between any free time I can get. I'll stay up late nightly to get things done.

No matter how busy I am I will always make time to work out. 

Working out hasn't been the easiest journey for me. I'm not a gym girl. I couldn't work out at the gym by myself even if you offered me a free RT trip to Paris. I prefer group classes and things like pilates, yoga, spin and barre really excite me!

Doing sets and cardio by myself = me giving up and just buying dinner LOL!! So I avoid that at all cost because that's not my learning style and I can't be successful that route.

thanks to classpass I've really found what studios I like, what instructors I vibe with, and classes that change my body and ass in a way I've never seen before.  I've also noticed a change in my attitude. when I'm not working out and I'm working in the office / blogging at home + weekends /+ going through life I don't have the best energy. 

not having the best energy affects the way I create, it affects how I carry myself throughout the day and it affects people I interact with.I've learned that making self care a priority in my routine makes my life shine bright. everything is better. 

I'll give you a quick run through of my mornings M-F

6:15 wake up / coffee / grab all 3 of my bags LOL

6:35am leave for yoga

7:15-8am HOT YOGA

8:00-8:45 get ready for work

9am-6pm corporate hustle

7:15- dinner

8 - shower / unpack / repack for next day

9pm-12am BLOG / call sisters / parents / boyfriend / friends 

12am SLEEP.

don't make excuses. MAKE TIME. you can make time for anything if you wanted to. make time to love yourself. make time to care for yourself. make time to practice self discipline because you're worth every accomplishment and dream!!!


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