datenight at EatzLA (best cooking class, EVER!!)

I LOVE FOOD. I LOVE TO EAT. I love watching "What I Eat in A Day" videos on YouTube + last summer I lived in North Carolina for seven months producing a food show on YouTube. 

Everything about food makes me a happy girl. A huge reason why I travel is to eat!! My restaurant & Postmates/delivery game is very strong. No one comes close. I have a great roster of spots in every city and I've never let anyone down when it comes to food recommendations. 

My chef skills don't exist though!!!! It's such a shame because my mom is the best cook you'll ever meet. Her beauty and skills in the kitchen will leave people in tears. THE BEST VIETNAMESE FOOD YOU'LL EVER HAVE.

I made a promise to myself that in 2016 I would go out and learn new things ...COOKING is high on the list. I watch YouTube videos all the time on how to make certain dishes. It's funny because my boyfriend watches them on Reddit and we both always stress how easy it is but never do it!

You know me though.... I don't just say shit and not follow through!

So for our next date night I trolled the internet for the best cooking class in Los Angeles! We both talked about wanting to cook at home more often and just becoming better in the kitchen so it was time to learn and get inspired! Plus growing up and watching all those romantic movies I've always wanted to do a cool cooking class (lol - bucketlisttttt). 

Eatz really stood out to me over all the other cooking classes/schools in the area. #1) Adam's favorite is sushi and Friday night was Sushi night #2) I fell in love with their space! #3) The different cuisines / classes they offered were all the ones I wanted to learn more about #4) LIT REVIEWS ON YELP (found here) you guys know I love yelp! + photos #5) unlimited booze -- LOL #6) their Instagram page (found here) -- I was droolinggggg. 

Adam and I had the best date night at EATZ and there are photos.... lots of guys already know... blogger life = a million photos!! 


The calm before the storm (lol) just kidding... here's class!! I love this space!! 

My OCD is so happy! Everything was very well organized and flowed beautifully. We were eating from 7pm - 10pm (how long class is) and there was SO MUCH FOOD + BEER + SAKE. 

Always a cold beer to reach for!

Two to each station. This was ours!

Menu for the night!

Class slowly filling up! People came in groups, pairs and we even had a classmate that came alone! Even if you want to come by yourself you won't ever feel alone because everyone in class is super nice and we all just cook together so don't worry :) 

Snacks before class while we wait for the class to fill up! SO GOOOOOOOD

Our amazing Chef Courtney starting the class off with a Sake Bomb :) We learned about the type of Sake & that YOU NEVER POUR YOUR OWN.... things got really fun after this!


After we learned everyone's name...did a sake bomb (oh p.s not everyone was drinking like crazy - we had a couple of classmates who didn't drink at all but still had a great time) we learned some knife skills. 

Look at that pinch ;)

We started off making a shaved cucumber salad with ginger & sesame! This is SO SO EASY & delicious. Adam and I will make this again for surrrreeee.

We had the best trio next to us... cooking is so FUN!!

pour and dab!


so 2016 -- we're all taking photos & snapchatting while class is in session :)

such a refreshing and easy salad! EATZ emails you every single recipe (the next day) so you'll have them forever!

Crunch Shrimp Roll

Made new friends :) I love taking polaroids of people and giving it to them. 

They were really HYPED about their polaroid. 

Spicy Tuna Roll + Beer Break

soooooo gooood. 

Sake break after each roll is so necessary. 

Salmon Mango Roll

Attempting to cut perfect rolls


not pictured : green tea + mochi ice cream for dessert 

class photo!!! two groups celebrated birthdays, there were a couple of dates, and then just people who want to cook and have a great time!!! 

We had the best time & would do it again in a heartbeat! I'm thinking pasta making next :)

Chef Courtney again!!!! Seriously loved her and learned sooooo much about sushi - the rice - every detail in between.

If you've ever wanted to do a cooking class - like a legit just like the movies but BETTER cooking class - EATZLA is your spot. Grab a group of friends, grab your lover, grab your parents, sisters, grab your boss and have a team building here! 

Class is from 7pm-10pm! You're eating and drinking the entire time, you meet new friends and am learning so much about the dishes / history behind it but most importantly YOU ARE COOKING / MAKING your own food! 

Thanks EATZLA for the perfect #DateNight! It was a new + really exciting experience for Adam and I and it was something we absolutely loved! We can't wait to try all of your classes!!! 

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