the best coconut water

if I could drink one beverage for the rest of my days it would be chilled fresh coconut water. like bae just climbed a tree for the day supply (at least 6, 3 for me 3 for him, LOL) and it's sitting with ice in a cooler waiting to be cracked open. 

unless you're DJ KHALED (dude has his own coconut tree btw but he doesn't know how to crack one open. he used a hammer and nail it was low key depressing to watch) it's really hard to get fresh coconuts all the time. 

these two brands have been the closet to taste I've found. both a little more pricey for the amount you're getting but the tastiest among everyone else.


If there are any die hard coconut water fans out there reading this what other brands do you like? Don't say Zico or Vita Coco I'll cry. I used to like NAKED a lot but they started importing coconuts from another source and the taste changed. 



photo from harmless harvest's IG (HERE)

& me ( instagram )