mud baths in Nha Trang, Vietnam

Visiting Nha Trang was very special for me because it’s where my parents grew up & met. My mom would tell me stores before going to work each morning (she was an elementary school teacher) and riding her bike to the beach for a quick swim, how the water was warm and crystal clear. How much she missed her old life.

Saigon and Nha Trang are extremely different. Saigon is super busy, like NYC filled with millions of people hustling everywhere and Nha Trang is like Santa Cruz, much slower pace super chill beach city with barely any foot traffic when it’s off season.

The food in Nha Trang is much fresher (especially seafood, you could catch your own then eat it right away)  and you could actually rent and ride a scooter there. I would be afraid for my life in Saigon. 

Mud baths in Nha Trang are a must!! my mom, aunt, hotel concierge, random internet friend’s snapchat (while in Nha Trang) all mentioned it and said I had to go. We stayed at the VinPearl Resort and if you guys know resort life is the best but also extremely limiting. You don’t really want to leave paradise to explore when everything is so easily assessable. Taking a taxi out from the island to the city was kind of a process and we didn’t get to really see Nha Trang as much as I would of liked. 

On our last day, our tour group did a field trip to the mud bath (I was really happy because it was $13 compared to the $27 + taxi the hotel would of charged)


I didn’t know the mud bath was heated! It’s like a hot bath on crack. You’re supposed to soak 20 mins in the mud and 20 mins in the hot mineral springs. I WAS SWEATING

The springs had a fake waterfall I really wanted to do a photoshoot here but it was occupied and also starting raining!!! 

TIP: Bring your bathing suit! I was too lazy to dig for mine in my luggage so I ended renting an outfit for free at the bath house. the outfit was like a 13 year old boy’s basketball uniform. 

since I didn't get to do a photoshoot, I took a photo for these studs (one of the guy is my friend's dad I met on the tour, lol)

after your bath you could get massages at the spa/bath house.  I got a really amazing foot massage that included scalp and arms for about $12 USD.

my mom's favorite veggie. it doesn't grow from the ground. took this photo for my mom.