iPhone Snaps: Vietnam

You havn't really experienced Ho Chi Minh (or Vietnam)  until you've been on a bike/scooter/motorcycle in the city. It's the most terrifying/thrilling ride of your life. No real traffic laws, you just go...traffic comes from all directions, it's INSANE! I was lucky enough to have my aunt drive me around with her friends. Going through the mini alley ways and cutting through traffic and hiding from the cops (we squeezed 3 grown adults on a bike, 2 is the max unless it's a family with 1 small child). SOOOO MUCH FUN!!! & the best way to see and live the city.

airports = 2nd home during travels. catching up on emails + listening to Adele was my favorite past time here.

Do you see the number of knives being confiscated in the box? I got $20 it's from all the moms wanting to cut fruit for their kids lollllll. My mom got her nail clippers taken away once (not in VN) and still talks about it till this day. Just leave all your sharp objects at home, k?!

passport expires this June. shit. I need to get it renewed. I'll do it in April. someone remind me. p.s $5 mani pedi in Vietnam I'm not kidding. just buy your own cuticle cutter :)

daily fresh coconut. I miss ASIA so much 

the best combo for your mussels. green onion in oil + peanuts // TRY IT

translation: breast milk (a fruit) if you ever have the opportunity to try this fruit in your life time you should! I havn't had breastmilk since I was a baby so I couldn't tell you if it taste like breast milk but the fruit is SOOOO GOOD. It's like a candy flavored chewey melon with a seed. Flavor like a light milky persimmon with a bouncy chewey texture. It's a must try!!!!

all gone

super narrow sidewalks / neighborhoods where homes are!