iphone snaps: Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh is soooooo pretty. Super modern. 

The best street Vietnamese dessert. Freshly shaved coconut bits wrapped in a light paper with some wafers. It was like a coconut taco. Order 3 for yourself because they're so tiny, almost bite size. I swear I inhaled mine so quick it disappeared. 

no filter. the building was lit.

seriously the prettiest architecture. 

couldn't go to Vietnam without experiencing real Vietnamese Ice Coffee. After getting food poisoning TWICE  I was terrified of the ice + water (unless it was from a filter/ water bottle). Trung Nguyen Coffee is huge in Vietnam (compared to Starbucks in the US) there was a location at every corner. Bored from being sick + poor hotel wi-fi connection I forced myself out of bed to just walk around and made my way to a location around the corner. The place is modern & even a little stuffy. 

The crowd wasn't my favorite and the serviced sucked but the coffee was worth it. I came back twice after that and paid USD!! That's how tasty it was.  Shitty service, annoying people, overpriced and I still was soooo loyal.

I can't explain the flavors but it was just special + different. The first sip was a huge punch to the tastebuds. The condense milk was richer & more flavorful and coffee was strong. I felt ready to take on an entire day at EDC half way through.

Amazing place to catchup on emails + have an incredible tasting ice coffee & use their fast wifi! Although it's a huge chain, Trung Nguyen Coffee is a must visit while in VN.

Since there isn't a lot of land in Vietnam you build up!

defeated + sick but still living life & enjoying boba for $1.60 at Tien Huong

Vietnam at night