Paris Romance in Saigon, Vietnam : Cafe RuNam

As much as I like planning and setting goals when I travel I also love getting lost! Like walking for miles with no purpose. I love roaming the streets with no expectations and just discovering hidden gems. During our stay in District 1 we spent a lot of time in hotel restaurants and I was craving something else. 

Thanks to really bad wi-fi at our nice/fancy hotel I discovered Cafe RuNam around the corner next to the place I went to get my currency exchanged. Tucked away on a busy side street lives the most magical romantic cafe I’ve ever been in. 

Incredible details of gold accents everywhere! You forget you’re in Saigon here. It was a nice little escape for me having a quite moment to write on my laptop and iMessage all my friends back in the states. The floors, couches, chairs, christmas, music, everything about it reminds me of Paris. 

Yelp isn’t available in Vietnam and I’m not a huge fan of Trip Advisor but check out Cafe RuNam’s Trip Advisor Page! 


I got a tea and it came with a cute tradition ginger, coconut, and lotus mix.

If you're looking for a romantic cafe experience I highly recommend stopping here for some caffeine after dinner or break to really soak it all in!