banh beo hue at Cho Binh Thanh : Saigon, Vietnam

one of my travel pet peeves’ is half assed suggestions. like people who are trying to be “nice” (as in nice I mean claiming it’s their discovery but not giving you all the information to get there it’s pure evil) but really just wasting your time. If you don’t want to recommend a place just don’t even mention it. 

do you guys ever get that? people who are like “OMG YOU HAVE TO GO GET THE BEST XYX **but I forgot the name, **oh and you need someone to get you in it’s really exclusive, **oh and I know the way to get there but I can’t explain it,**can’t think of it right now” 

no .just sit down. I have google. you’re my friend and you’re wasting my time bruh. 

anyways, rant aside you have to visit Banh Beo Hue if you’re in Saigon!! It’s location in Cho Binh Thanh (which was recommended to me by every single friend that visited Saigon & I thank each and every one of them) 

Cho Binh Thanh is a huge market full of different vendors. You have the hugest selection of food, souvenirs, counterfeit goods, regular shopping, fabric, fruits, just anything you can imagine it’s under one roof here. Eyelashes to shampoos to Nike Roshes. 

My best friend Janice told me about this place and it was exactly where she described it!

Her exact words: Walk and eat here first then browse and eat other things. YOU HAVE TO COME HERE FIRST ITS IN THE CORNER YOU CANT MISS IT.

18,000 D is 0.80 USD for a plate. The best banh beo I’ve ever had! The sauce was so spicy(great tears of joy, you can get a non spicy version) and the consistency was equal amounts of chewy and doughy. A good banh beo has to have the perfect bite + chew.

The shrimp topping with green onion in every bite was perfect. I washed it down with a sugarcane juice ($0.50) and it was worth it!! (THE ICE IS EVIL DONT DRINK IT) 

Loved that it came with a vietnamese ham!! If you’re in Saigon I recommend stopping at Cho Binh Thanh to shop + eat! There are so many different items! Smoothies, Asian fruits, che desserts, pho, anything you can think of!! 

& don’t forget to stop at this booth in the corner it’ll change your life.


to-go baggies ready to go! also you can get an entire thing of the vietnamese ham to take home (thing wrapped in the green banana leaves)!  look at those fish sauce baggies. 

plate of spicy heaven!!! it also came with this other chewy type of cake mixed with the banh beo