The VinPearl Resort: Nha Trang, Vietnam // A MUST

The VinPearl Resort in Nha Trang, Vietnam

My trip to ASIA was far from leisure, relaxation, glitz & glam….not that I’m complaining but it wasn’t a “let me stunt on you” type of trip. There were parts where I was physically, mentally and the environment was straight up exhausting AS FUCK. We woke up everyday around 6am, had breakfast at 7 and had the entire day of activities with no chill time in between. We didn’t get to lay back into bed until it was time for bed. Little sleep + lots of traveling + 100 degree weather was wearing me down. 

We were either in an airport, on a flight, traveling to another city. I’m trying to paint this picture for you. Basically super hectic and low key struggling in a 3rd world country. When I found out we were staying at a Resort in Nha Trang I was kind of bummed because Resorts are fun but extremely limiting. 

First thoughts about resort life: You don’t get to see how people really live, you eat really watered down food made for tourist, you’re locked away and never leave paradise, you live this fake paradise vietnam life someone painted for you


I highly highly recommend you guys to squeeze in a resort stay while you travel. Yes, it’s really cool to rough it and meet people and explore but at the same time it’s so important to treat yourself for a little portion of the trip and RELAX AND ENJOY LIFE.


since nha trang is a beach town the weather was much cooler than saigon. it wasn’t stuffy and extremely over populated. it was sooooo nice. 

I felt so safe at the resort, I could leave my phone on the table go to my room, go swimming and come back and have it still be there. That’s how awesome the place is. 

Look at this …this is what it looked like when you got off your james bond boat and arrive at the island. here an island tut tut is waiting to take you to your hotel. SO BEAUTIFUL.

our room had the best view. views of the resort and views of the beach! (our own private beach)

I woke up & went to bed with this view everyday I think cried once. I just couldn’t believe this exist. & I got to experience at a perfect time in my trip. after spending time in saigon then thailand for a week it was nice to relax and do nothing in nice cooler weather. no plans. just chill.

selfie, because um. DUH.

they had the coolest hugest pool ever.

the island/resort had an amusement park…like a knots berry farm, six flag magic mountain. WITH FULL ROLLER COASTERS, a water park, zoo, mermaid show…etc etc… here’s a snap of the mermaid show.

private beach life with cabanas. ohhhh mannnnnnn. luxury towels, floaties, comfy day beds. you could read and nap here all day long

I didn’t even want to leave the damn island. For the first time on my 2 week trip there was a dope ass bathtub I could take a bath in (the other hotels were gross, I didn’t trust it) and you guys know I LOVE BATHS. I took 2 each day here

alpine coaster with the most beautiful view I have ever experienced in my life. this alone would be one of my 7 wonders and something I recommend you seeing for yourself if you’re ever in nha trang. I can’t even explain how amazing and beautiful and freeing it felt to go fast as hell on your coaster and see the sun set on the island. I felt like every struggle I have ever went through in my life didn't even matter after seeing this view. I cried again.

they had the best food at the vin pearl. you know me and food. it wasn’t watered down for tourist folks who never had vietnamese food before. 

amazing. the best. my favorite fruit: chom com (“rambutan” for your google search) since I was living like a queen on this resort you know they peeled it all for you. (it’s normally red and a little spikey) I had about 200 of these before I was over them. SOOOOO GOOOOOOOD



I met so many amazing friends at the resort. One helped me text in Vietnamese to my uncle, someone else told me about a cover I needed to watch on YT…I never felt more welcome and peaceful. I’m telling you. this resort will change your life. spend 50% on the island in nha trang and 50% explore off the island.

I got a three night stay with RT flights from Saigon for $275 USD.

If you plan on visiting Vietnam make sure Nha Trang is a stop and you stay a couple of nights at the VinPearl Resort.

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