wtf is a squatty potty :) ?

where do I even begin? the harmon brothers ( just murked the entire video world of marketing with this video. look at their stats and how one video just lifted sales for the squattypotty overnight. if you still believe video content isn’t crucial to marketing you might as well pack your bags and look for work off the internet. I’m sure you have 100 followers on all your social media accounts. 

side bar: not throwing shade at folks with small numbers but it blows my mind when some executives come at me sideways about social media + video isn’t important and they’re running a huge eCommerce brand. WHAT? do you think a restaurant works without a chef? If your business lives online you need video & social media. that’s that.

back to the video. WOW. this is a perfect example of the power video content can bring to the market. it was silly, memorable, educational and made talking about poop entertaining. IT WENT VIRAL. 

it’s really funny because my best friend Caitlin, Jos and I were talking about this back in October over drinks in New York! I was like WTF is a squatty potty and how could it really help. Jos explained it perfectly but watching this video now it makes so much more sense. 


Get ready to have your life changed people. Anyone out there a proud owner of a squatty potty? I’m about to order one and do a full review.


Shop for your very own squatty potty here: