breakfast in ASIA: porridge

The only time I would eat porridge growing up is when I’m sick. It’s a really simple meal that will hold you over or restart your system. Porridge is known to help get everything back on track, especially if you can’t keep food down (BEST FOOD POISONING MEAL). It’s like the Asian Chicken Noodle Soup (not really but it’s the secret weapon to nurse you back to health when you’re not feeling great and can’t eat a thing). 

In Asia, porridge is a staple item for breakfast. It’s the equivalent to oatmeal in America, or grits in the south. 

It’s boiled down rice soup if you wanted a straight translation. Boiled rice made into a soup. Basically rice boiled down until it’s mushy to a soup like consistency. 

Since the deadliest food poisoning hit me TWICE while abroad porridge for breakfast every morning honestly saved my life and my system. I forgot how something so simple could be so comforting and delicious. 

I really like making my porridge super spicy because spice is life. I played around with a bunch of different combinations between Vietnam + Thailand. 

Here’s a porridge dairy from my ASIA trip:

#1) Coffee with Soy Milk (soy milk in Asia is the BEST) // porridge combo: thai chili + fried onions + green onions and a side of mini pancakes + syrup to balance out the 1st course. The porridge in thailand had more water to rice ratio.

#2) Coffee with soy milk again. I added chili oil here for a little more kick and some cilantro. Had fried rice + a fried egg and cucumbers with my porridge this day.

#3) The soy milk was so good I had a coffee + soy milk then just a cup of warm fresh soy milk on the side. Finally mastered my porridge combo. (Fried shallots + green onion + thai chili in vinegar + dry chili flakes) & of course those mini pancakes were so cute.

#4) Kept it really simple this day with just plain porridge and chives on top. I was having a bunch of fruits and didn’t want to give myself a stomach ache.

I miss ASIA and breakfast in ASIA so much (the food, most importantly) … I’m going to start making porridge for breakfast and having a porridge bar… what do you guys think? Is that an item you guys would have for breakfast?!