photographer : grant legan

"Allowing the fear of the unknown to scare us is a choice to stand still and keep from growth. BUT allowing it to inspire us and act, despite the risk, drives us to grow and see a new perspective. Every choice possesses a direction. Move. Let your choices lead you. Move. Learn something valuable about who you are. // Are you where you are because of who you are, or are you who you are because of where you are?" #createquietly

wow, not a @nitch quote for once? Grant Legan is probably my favorite photographer at the moment, just look at his work. In a space (instagram specifically) where everyone is trying to be like each other I love what Grant brings to the floor. He’s creating experiences in these places through a photo. It’s truly captivating and inspiring to see him evolve as an artist. 

In a space where everyone else is trying to be like Sir Neave or Bad Boi it’s comforting to see Grant’s work. Check him out! 

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