do it yourself.

“You know who’s gonna give you everything? Yourself.” - Diane Von Furstenberg

growing up the eldest in an immigrant family was extremely difficult but at the same time it gave me all of my power.

being first generation you get thrown into things. there’s no manual, you just figure it out and get to it. there’s no time to think and ponder if the next move is worth it, you move to survive. 

friends, strangers, and everyone in between often ask me all the time how I land my jobs expecting some crazy secret and when I tell them the honest truth they’re all confused, maybe even a little stunned. 

here’s how I land all my gigs: I apply, interview, was ready for the opportunity, and boom.

it’s rather simple.

no connections. no favors. no ass kissing. no political moves. just me, ALL ME. 

just me working on my craft every single day and hustling for what I want. yes, sometimes it’s a really slow process and the long route but it’s one I am truly proud of. 

I get into debates all the times with my friends about picking up the phone and asking for a fast pass through life. I guess it doesn’t hurt but I’ve gotten this far all on my very own.

I’m not one to wait around for anyone (my mom, dad, brother, sister, guy I met at Trader Joe’s that Tuesday, boyfriend’s family, sponsor(s) blah blah blah blah) for anything. 

my whole point is having the power to do something all on your own is something not everyone has. it’s something you have to practice and believe in. it’s a characteristic that is vital to your foundation.

I’ll say it again: it’s a characteristic that is vital to your foundation.

that’s the huge secret and I see so many people skip over this step. you miss all the great details when you’re dependent on that fast pass through life shit. knock it off. it’s not cute.

every single job I have ever gotten in my career I have gotten myself. yes, of course someone had to give me that shot but I had no strings pulled for me. 

“you were lucky and you’re pretty”

luck played maybe 5% but it was opportunity meets preparation. if I sucked as a producer, host, content creator no one would hire me. being pretty actually is more of a disadvantage. we can get into this on another blog post. 

back to my point: do it yourself. for yourself. 

knowing you can do anything you want all on your very own is power. fuck that dependent shit. that’s for the weak. 


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